Forgive Me If I Whine

Have you ever imagined yourself walking with your hands or maybe using a wheelchair to move from one place to another? Have you ever imagined yourself wandering aimlessly at every nook of the streets just to look for a proper ‘bed’ to have a ‘comfortable’ slumber? Have you ever imagined yourself waking up in the morning knowing that you are bedridden all of a sudden or having nothing to eat for the rest of the day? Maybe, we don’t. We don’t really care about those ‘silly’ questions!!.Yet the underlying meaning behind them is really profound. It concerns about our own attitude!!.What I mean is that, we always take things for granted. We keep whining for the things that we don’t have and never try to appreciate the things that we have before us. For instance, we whine over the terrible food that we just had without knowing that there are lots of children out there starving to death. We whine over the bad boring day that we have because of not so much entertainment or fun, while we forget those who are living in a war torn state which do not even have time to think of fun activities to do!! We keep whining over and over and the sad thing is, we keep whining over trivial matters. That is why, being grateful is something that is crucial in our life. It purifies your soul and it brings tranquility over the mind and even the body. I just remember one saying of the prophet that says “there is one flesh in the body in which if it is clean and pure, then the rest of the body will be clean. If it is dirty, then the rest of the body will be in a ‘dirty’ state”. Until then, it’s up to you whether to bleat or not to bleat over so many trivial things in your life. A piece of advice, maybe you should think positively in every single aspect that happens in your life. Truly, there is wisdom behind it. As for me, all I want to say is, forgive me when I whine. My forgiveness is only due to Him,the One and the Only One.