A Balance 'Diet'

Busy,Busy and busy!!! a word that keeps echoing in the mouth of most of the people in our societies today. Busy with work, busy with assignment, busy with chores, busy here, busy there, each and every time- this word keeps dominating our life!!. Firstly, do not misunderstand what I am trying to say. To make yourself busy with various kinds of activities or job is definitely not wrong. Definitely not. However, the problem comes the moment you are ‘overindulged’ with those activities to the extent that you lose your values or maybe I have to put it like this- to the extent that you make yourself as ‘servant’ to this materialistic world that we live in. It is indeed true if we look at this world as market place.
Our world as market place & our world as a market place is two different things altogether. Why I say that is because, to say our world as a market place would denote something like the market place in its physical forms i.e. whereby trading and transactions prevail. In contrast, to say our world as market place would denote the process itself whereby commodifications are taking place irrespective of whatever forms it may be. For instance, it used to be that people learn for the sake of learning, people assist for the sake of helping those who needs; judicial institution is to provide justice and many other things in which all of these are changing in our contemporary days. Despite that, all of these things hold on to one similar essence .i.e. as market place. A society where transactions prevail everywhere and all things are to be settled by the usage of one particular thing perceived as valuable called money.
Now, back to our discussion. Have you ever wonder, what would your life be if you put so much attention over your physical fulfillment while totally abandoning your spiritual fulfillment?. I am sure that you would feel the emptiness in your heart due to the fact that it is longing for ‘food’. Try to ask yourself this question: WHAT DID I DO TODAY?. For some, a day filled with works + enjoyment+ spending lavishly on entertainment & great cuisines would complete his/her day. For others, this is definitely not right as we should be balance in terms of our physical needs and spiritual needs. That is why, we can see countless people who are well to do in terms of physical fulfillment, yet in terms of spiritual one, they are totally deprived of it. A Turkish scholar once stated that:

“The world is presented to man like a table richly laid with fruits and vegetables, and ornaments of every kind for his use and delight. As he stretches his hand to any of these gifts, he inevitably senses the presence of the Giver, and so experiences a still greater joy and wonder. Were babies able to formulate thoughts and express them, they would certainly say that the milk they suck is as if prepared and sent from a different realm just because they need that milk. They would express gratitude and reverence to the One who nourishes in this way through the mother’s breast”

That is why, no matter how busy we are, try to give a tiny bit of our precious time to ponder and observe the aesthetic beauty of existence so that we will be longing to know who is the Creator behind all of these artistic creations. To spend a wee of time to observe them is better than nothing. So, make sure that you fill your day with a balance ‘diet’ as it determines the very essence of your life each and every second of it.