Me, As A Late Beginner

It’s been quite a long time since I had this plan to start having my own blog. After several delays and postponements, Alhamdulilah,praises due to Allah, the Lord and the Nourisher for making it easy for me to turn it into a reality. I know that, there are several pros & cons by having this blog. I think it is not necessary for me to tell the very reasons why I said so. Nonetheless,deep inside me, I know that by having this blog, I can contribute a tiny bit of my part towards the people around me. In fact, I would try the best of my abilities and I won’t procrastinate anymore in giving the very opinions that I have for the sake of the betterment of the Ummah. Yes, definitely I know that I would be accountable for each and every single word that I write in the hereafter. That‘s why, I pray to Allah that He would guide and assist me form the very beginning so that every thing that I write would please Him,InsyaAllah. One thing to be borne in mind is this blog is non political in nature (though I might touch on issues which are relevant ). It is mainly aimed for da’wah and islah as I see it. In fact, I see Islah as a very broad notion in which it concerns your individual refinement and also collective refinement.For those who wish to give comments or suggestions, you are most welcomed to do so. Finally, I hope that this blog would be acting as some sorts of references (maybe), amusements or in whatever ways you may benefit it.Wassalam.