Hoşgeldiniz Ramadhan !

Dear brothers and sisters. My deep apology for not updating this blog for quite some time. It’s sad ,but it’s truly beyond my control. InsyaAllah, I'll try to update as frequent as possible during this fasting month . InsyaAllah, driven by the spirit of Ramadhan=)

I would like to wish Ramadhan Kareem for all of you no matter where you are. Whether you are on the highest of mountains, to the widest of valleys or any single place in this God given world ;I really hope this Ramadhan will be such a meaningful Ramadhan for all of you. Make sure you have all the Ramadhan checklist and reap the blessings of this month !

I dedicate this special nasyeed to all of you =)

P/S :If you have time, watch Jejak Rasul 2011-The shooting was made in Russia and focusing on the Muslims community there (Ukraine included).Interesting indeed !


Hajar said...

Salam bro.

Ramadhan kareem to you and your loved ones! I pray all is well with you. :)

a.j. said...

Salam Brother, Ramdhan Mubarak! Love you very much over here.

Miss u bye.


TheHumbleWayfarer said...


Sis Hajar:
Ramadhan Kareem ! Thanks for the wish. Ameen ya Rabb !

Love you too akh ! May Allah give this brother of mine a bountiful blessings and gains during this blessed month =)

You have so many things there in your blog. Will take time to read later. You are really a gifted writer akh =)