Look on the sunny side of life

Bismilah ar Rahman ar Raheem,
Dear brothers and sisters whom I love so much. How’s your Iman today? =)
I am so sorry. I think I was a bit emotional last night.. Honestly, I felt like quitting the job the day before yesterday. That’s why when I wanted to write something last night, everything turned to be blank. I don’t enjoy the job that I am doing right now and I feel a bit hard to adapt with the environment. However, that night before sleeping, I had determined to be strong to face whatever circumstances that might occur before me. Yes, I have to be strong!. I don’t care anymore how people would look at me after this with me doing this job. I know, the experience is much more important right now. In fact, last night while having myself relaxed at the resting room, I ‘accidentally’ watched this drama which I don’t think it’s necessary to tell what the title is. In one of the scenes, there’s something that really caught my attention and in a sense it truly gave me comfort. One of the casts said
“You have to be strong, Allah is testing you. Allah is testing you because you are strong”.
Subhanallah, so simple, but such words truly penetrated my heart. Yes, Allah is testing me because He loves me and I have to take it that way. It shows that He remembers me and He wants me to be strong through all those trial and tribulations. Like all child who fall down and get scratches here and there while taking their first step to walk to enable them to run happily in the future, Like students who have to face with so many tasks and assignments to make sure that they are equipped with all the knowledge and skills needed, I believe the same things goes to me. I must and I have to look on the sunny side of my life. InsyaAllah.

Anyway, the day before yesterday also, I managed to visit my beloved campus. Off for one day to settle everything regarding the payment + convocation.. Looking at the new faces in the university’s compound was truly a delighting moment. All of a sudden, the flashback emerged and all those memories are still clear in my mind. Truly unforgettable memories to be part of the community here and to be part of the big family here before. Meeting a dearest friend of mine, Al Amin from Eritrea was truly an exciting moment as we are both very close to each other. He was shocked to see me and told me, "I knew you will come today. I can feel it !" I was just smiling. Alhamdulillah, I got the chance to pray Zuhr and ‘Asr there. I went back around 6.45 with a same feeling when I left this place before. Yet, with a different outlook.-I have to look on the sunny side of my life.

Do you know that it’s already 4th Sha’ban today? Wow..Ramadhan is just around the corner. Indeed time flies so fast !

p/s: I Want to dedicate this nasyeed for all friends who Smsed me and called me today to wish for my birthday. Syukran for all your Dua'.may Allah bless you  =)


a.j. said...
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a.j. said...

salam, akh, did u manage to see tariq ramadan

Unknown said...

THW, remember the duaa' that our Prophet SAW frequently made,

" O Allah the changer of hearts, make my heart firm on your Deen "

When I first read your blog post between your last few days leaving your campus and entering the workforce with positive mind, I had in mind of few advices to share with you but qadarallah, I didnt manage to.. and when I read this post, I ask Allah to provide you with istiqama', strength in your faith and have faith in Him. InshaAllah , hang on there. In any situation, it s only for Allah you are striving for. @ K. Fid.

Hajar said...

Salams bro.

Things are always harder at first before they eventually become easy. To add on to your "Allah is testing you because you are strong," ... include this with it "And regardless of the situation, Allah is always with me. So with Him, I can overcome this.". Stay strong bro! :)

Al-Hamra said...

Saw an egg based menu called:

Sunny Side Up ('',)

Ujian dlm hidup ialah utk menguji tahap keimanan dalam diri hamba-hambaNYA.

Allah Knows Best Akh..

TheHumbleWayfarer said...

Akh, no I didn't. maybe next time insyaAllah =)

TheHumbleWayfarer said...

Kak Fid:
Subhanallah, thank you so much for cheking on me.I never thought that. =) insyaAllah, I won't forget the dua'. barakallh for the dua' that you've made for me. Only Allah can repay your kindness my dear ukhht ! =)

Sis Hajar:
Yes, you are right.Things are always harder at first before they eventually become easy.thanks also for the additional words. really appreciate that ya ukht. insyaAllah i'll be strong !! ^_^

al Hamra:
hm..Sunny Side Up ya? are you implying that you want to make one for me? I would be so happy if you do that !! ^_^