A Favour For A friend

 Assalamu’alaikum, may peace and blessings of Allah be upon you! How’s your Imaan today? I’m sure your Imaan is Yazid ! ^_^
InsyaAllah, I’m arranging something for Christopher (a friend of mine from UK). Actually he would be coming here for his summer holiday. For the last few weeks, I’ve been emailing him (though I always replied his mail a bit late due to time constraint) because he was asking for my favour to get some information for his research. Actually, Chris was asking about some information about prophet Ismail or Ishmael according to Islam. I assume he wants to know what both religions have to say on this particular prophet. Christopher is one of our speakers for the Interfaith dialogue that I’ve been involved with back then in University. It is such a great thing when he first mailed me asking about the third interfaith dialogue. I felt happy when he asked that because it really shows that he is such a committed person in bridging people of different faith. However, since I already graduated last month, I won’t be Able to help him with the third interfaith dialogue. Nevertheless, I did promise him that I’ll try to arrange one program where he can listen to what Muslims have to say about Prophet Ismail. Take aside whatever philosophy that you have behind the interfaith dialogue, if we are really sincere I’m sure we would accept the truth that lies before us.
InsyaAllah, I’ve contacted a senior in one of the Muslim NGOs and they are willing to help me with the program. I believe, this would be a great opportunity because he was asking about the Muslims perspective of Prophet Ismail. Great opportunity in a sense that later on, we may know both the Christians and the Muslims perspective with regard to prophet Ismail. Just checked his email a couple of minutes ago. I hope Allah would make it easy for meto help him!! Will update about this program on this blog InsyaAllah ^_^


Anonymous said...

I dunno if this helps, but here's an examination of whether it was Ishmael or Isaac who was supposed to be sacrificed to God in the Bible: http://www.pathofislam.net/2008/interfaith/bible/sacrifice-of-abraham-son/