The World Out There (Random post)

Alhamdulillah, Finally I managed to write something after a week of disappearance from the blogosphere. Today would be the third day for my new semester in this campus. The very first week that would eventually lead to my last semester here in this beloved campus of mine. I know that this is really difficult for me. I keep telling my friends that I have this mixed feeling of happy and sad. A feeling which is hard for me to describe. I’ve been here for about four years and I’ve encountered so many ups and downs. Yet, deep inside me, I feel like I am not ready to leave this campus. To be exact, I feel like I am not ready to face the world out there. I know what a childish thinking I have in my mind. But..Is it wrong for me to think like that?.I don’t think so. The world out there can be gruesome at times hunting and alluring for its preys. The excitement and the enjoyment that are ubiquitous out there would be part of the temptations that I should face. I keep asking myself, Am I ready to face the world out there??Unfortunately, I don’t have a definite answer. =(

However, deep inside me, I know that I must be a strong person. I am A Muslim, and as a Muslim I should be strong and firm in whatever I do!. I should be able to know what is the purpose of my life!. Astaghfirullah,I feel so sorry when I go on an errand out of campus, I see those kids and teenagers wandering aimlessly and on top of that mixing freely between boys and girls. I feel so sorry when I look at those parents who do not even care what their children do out of their sight, I feel so sorry looking at little kids being brought up by Muslim parents but lack of exposure to the teachings of Islam itself. In fact, I feel so sorry for so many deviant things that happening around me knowing that sometimes I’m unable to do something..

Ya Allah, it is because of you that I am still standing today. It is because of you that I’ve managed to reach this level. No matter how difficult my life would be, No matter how hard my heart cry, No matter how bad misfortunes befall me, I know that you won’t leave me alone. I know you won’t forsake me at any given time !


Al-Hamra said...

Yep. We must be strong from inside to be strong to face the outside world. And constant (istiqamah) prayers with efforts are needed so that all the deviant things wont happen to our generation.


TheHumbleWayfarer said...

syukran ya zainab 'ala dua'^_^

that songs truly represents my heart =)

Hajar said...


Constant acts of remembrance, efforts, perseverance, patience and belief in Him. It is nice to know that one is steadfast in keeping the faith in Allah S.W.T. even with the turbulent winds kicking up a storm down our end. Without a doubt, He is always with us. May Allah S.W.T. make things easy for you. :)

TheHumbleWayfarer said...


Sis Hajar, 1stly thanks you so much for dropping by =) really appreciate that. Syukran for your soothing words. may Allah bless you and your family..ameen :)

Anonymous said...

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