Can’t We Be Like the Letter ‘x’ On Our Computer Keyboard ?

I was amused when reading a simple article in one of the local magazines about the importance of attending a meeting. The author put forward a simple but interesting analogy with regard to the importance of attending a meeting and relates it with the letter ‘x’ on our computer keyboard. He said;

Can’t we be like the letter ‘x’ on our computer keyboard ? Knowing that we do have our function in the system while not thinking that our presence would be of no importance. Subhanallah. Beautiful isn’t it? Just imagine me myself as the letter ‘x’. Let’s say that you want to write something and need to use words like ‘x-ray’, ’xylophone’ or any word that have the letter ‘x’. Don’t you think that without me as the letter ‘x’, surely such words cannot be constructed at the first place? Agree? Yes, it is true that people might rarely ‘use’ me to write their essays, theses or whatsoever, however it does not mean that I don’t have any function in the system. Rather, my function is very much needed in the system!

If we look at ourselves as the letter ‘x’ on the computer keyboard, surely there is so much lessons that we can learn from. What I mean is, the letter ‘x’ symbolizes we as individual/s while the computer keyboard symbolizes the society/ies that we lived in. Don’t you think that there are very much resembled to each other? Of course yes =) By making ourselves as the letter ‘x’ in our society, we are thus conscious over the significant role that we can play in our society.

For instance, with me as the letter ‘x’ in the society, I would try my best to feed the poor, treating the sick and the wounded ones, assisting the visually impaired people to cross the roads, giving a helping hand to those who are in a dire condition or the least that I can do is to give a word of advice or even encouragement to those who feel hopeless and despair. Isn’t it our beloved prophet has said; “Convey (from me) even if it is one single ayah (statement)"

MasyaAllah, one ayah only (at least) and surely we are playing our part in contributing something to those people around us. Not only that, we remind each other to forgive and forget each others’ mistakes, to meet people with a god face, so on and so forth. By being the letter ‘x’ , I am not only portraying myself as not insignificant , rather without me doing my part on the computer keyboard( in the society), the whole system would be disturbed and not functioning in its fullest sense. The failure to construct the terms that have the letter ‘x’ basically means the failure to look at myself as significant as others in the society. In fact, it is so much undermining the principle of how we (the letter ‘x’ along with all other letters, signs and symbols! ) complement each other in the system. I am sure a,b,dj,k,,r etc would not like it if they see me as the letter ‘x’ not doing my part on the computer keyboard. It’s true isn’t it?I am sure we can grasp something from the lesson of the letter ‘x’ on our computer keyboard. Indeed, I am sure such letters like a,b,dj,k,,r,t or even any sign and symbol would be very sad thinking that any particular letter on the keyboard consider himself as not playing any part in the system while the truth is each and every single letter or even symbol or sign has a very significant and vital role to ensure the system runs accordingly!
So, are you the letter ‘x’ that I am looking for? Of course you are !No doubt about that !! =D
A simple reminder for you and me. =)


a.j. said...

im an x! dear akhi, im in a semester with overload subject ... assignments and da'wah are back to back, so much so that i find it hard most of the time to write, may Allah pardon me and empower me to be istiqamah in this path which i once strive ...

thank you for checking up on me ... people like you empower me to write again ... i meet u in the hereafter insyaAllah

TheHumbleWayfarer said...

Ayub, I know you are !

yeah, its difficult to balance the two, but i know u can do it. your words always inspire me akh.=)
InsyaAllah, may Allah give you strength in whatever you do. ^_^

Unknown said...

Barakallahu fikum.

TheHumbleWayfarer said...

Syukran kak Fid =)

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