A Sunday Visit To The Church and Vihara

Assalamu’alaikum, peace be upon you everyone...Firstly, don’t worry I’m still a Muslim =) Some of you might be surprised that, what the heck am I doing by going to a Church and Vihara especially on Sunday-a holyday and also HOLYday for some. Actually, I went there not on a personal basis, rather it was organized by one of the Muslim NGOs in Malaysia. A visit aimed to bridge a greater understanding between people of different faiths especially in the current situation of Malaysia where people tend to look at each other with hostility. I did not go there to be converted to Christianity nor did I go there to be converted to Buddhism. Definitely not!. For the Vihara, definitely that was my first time. For the church, not the first time to be frank. Honestly, I felt very delighted to be there. Delighted in a sense that, I managed to meet good and friendly people and also those who are sincere in devoting their life in searching for truth. I still remember what Muhammad Abduh used to say:

“I went to Paris and I found Islam without Muslim. I returned to Cairo and I found Muslims without Islam”

Mind boggling isn’t it? For me, I went to the church and Vihara and I found Islam without Muslims. Most of the times, I returned to......and I found Muslims without Islam”
(I bet you know what I mean). Maybe you agree, maybe not. It’s up to you to decide. Anyway,back to the church and Vihara. My presence in those two holy places for the Christians and the Buddhists had taught me so many things. I appreciate more of my religion and I feel sad looking at the Muslims who happened to be born in Islam yet they never appreciate this religion. Indeed, we always take things fro granted. InsyaAllah,we pray to Allah that He would guide us each and every second of our life to the right path. The right path which Abraham, Ismael, Jesus and Muhammad had taken..Ameen..
Allah Knows Best( Allahu A’lam)


a.j. said...

yes indeed =D its true...

thanx akhi for checking on me... good to know your showing ur support to the NGO's ... may Allah bless all the hardwork and time spent

e'id mubarak!

TheHumbleWayfarer said...

Thanks Ayub..It's better to do sth than do nothing right..For me, thats how I do it..Jazakallah =)