Gardens of Delight

Gardens of Delight: a simple Introduction to Islam, a title of a book that had caught my attention while roaming for a seat in the library. Such a beautiful title isn’t it?. Gardens of Delight is a book written by Idris Tawfiq and published in 2006. Well, the title itself had some sort of “aura” that triggered me to take this green coloured book and honestly nothing to regret! I’ve done reading it and it’s really a good book especially for those who want to know a brief introduction to Islam particularly those who are non Muslims. In fact, this book has its second audience i.e. the Muslims themselves. All I can say is, I would give thumbs up for the author namely Idris Tawfiq for having done such a great job in writing this book. I felt like he’s telling me a story about Islam while reading this book. His conversational style in presenting this book should be praised at the first place. It is even more interesting when Idris Tawfiq tried to deal with some of the misconceptions that the non Muslims have particularly on the teachings, practices and belief of a person called Muslim. For the non Muslims out there, I would advice you to have a copy of this book. I can guarantee you that you won’t feel regret! Try to have a copy of this book and if you are an honest seeker of truth, you are actually taking your first step to enter the gardens of delight ! =D

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Ikhwan Ng said...


This is my very first book in reading about Islam.