Ramadhan: A Gift To The Beloved

Subhanallah, it’s been halfway already for the fasting month of Ramadhan.
I couldn’t say anything but time is moving extremely fast. I feel like I am still walking at a slow pace while Ramadhan is gearing up and racing at such an extreme pace leaving me thousand miles behind!. In fact it’s been 15 days already!.

Wow, this is really frightening if you ask me. Why is it frightening anyway?.

The fact that I had not taken seriously the ‘prize’ that all the people along the way had reminded me with if I win this ‘race’ is definitely something which is very shameful and such a big lost. Meaning that, along the way there are so many people supporting me and keep encouraging me to reach my final destination as the prize is really worth to be won. In fact, you cannot get it in a normal competition or race. The race is something which only takes place once in a year and you cannot guarantee yourself that you can enter the same race next year!.Yes, who knows, you might not live that longer or you might even be sick at that particular moment.

However, the problem is, despite that I know such ‘prize’ is extremely valuable, still I am moving at a slow pace. Why does it happen anyway?. Isn’t it supposed to be that, the ‘prize’ would motivate me to try my best to win this race? Or is it that, I am not interested with the prize? This one, I don’t think so. Erm..I assume that maybe I don’t put myself wholeheartedly to this race. That is why, sometimes I run fast but most of the time I am walking though!.

Dear friends, I am so sorry if I have put jigsaw puzzle in your mind. You might even think that I am hallucinating I guess! =D
I can assure you that I’m not! What I am trying to imply here is, this month of Ramadhan is something like a race as I see it. The ‘supporters’ would be the verses from the Qur’an and the sayings of Rasulullah as to show how they are telling us so many wisdoms behind the month of Ramadhan and thus encouraging us to increase our deeds or ‘amal .In fact, Taqwa (God Fearing) is said to be the prominent goal for fasting as it is mentioned in one of the verses of the Qur’an. As such, the final destination of the race exemplifies Taqwa. The ‘prize’ would be the so many bounties, blessings and gifts which are bestowed from God to the human being. What makes you qualify to gain and acquire this is when, you wholeheartedly embrace the spirit of Ramadhan and subsequently try the best of your ability to reach your final destination which is Taqwa. Only then, you would know how significant it is to measure your pace-whether to make it faster or even ending the race in a slow manner..(Drum please!!)....And the winner is....

(Allah knows Best).


aj said...

LOvely post ... ! may i tag along the race that you mentioned!?

TheHumbleWayfarer said...

Hehe. Definitely!!Run aj, run!! =D