Of Love Letter & The Holy Qur’an

Recently, a friend of mine had reminded me something of great significance. Something, which I personally take it easy though it is not really the case!. Something which I supposed to put it close to my heart, yet I always pretend that I know it and understand it inside out!. Astaghfirullah, May Allah forgive me.

While having a small discussion at the mosque, this friend of mine asked me,

“Dear brother, What would you do if you are in love with someone and it happened to be that this lover of yours is not of the same race/ethnic with you.? Then one day, she sent you a love letter but it is written in the language that you could not understand. I mean it’s written in the language of your lover. You cannot understand even a single word but this letter is extremely important for you. What do you then??”. “Erm.Quite an interesting discussion” I said in my heart. Then I answered: “My dear brother, definitely I’ll try the best of my abilities to translate that letter! It doesn’t matter how and how long but the most important thing is as long as I can read and understand the letter, I would be really happy as it is given by my lover! !Don’t you agree !.

Then he said,
“That is how you should look at the Holy Qur’an. It is given by your first and your Only Lover Who is truly incomparable. In fact, He loves you so much to the extent that He sent you a complete code of life which is the Holy Qur’an. Now, it is up to you how would try to understand it”.

Astaghfirullah..Indeed he was right. I am not an Arabic speaking person nor do I an Arab of origin. However, does it mean that it restricts me from understanding this precious and the most valuable ‘letter’ that was given to me? O Allah, how much efforts have I done to understand this ‘love letter’ which of utmost importance in my life? Do I really appreciate this ‘love letter’ that You have given me Ya Allah? If yes, in what ways do I appreciate it? If not why it is so Ya Allah?.
Subhanallah.. Thank you to this friend of mine. With the grace of Allah, he had reminded me something which is really important. Yes, definitely I cannot say that, well he is a native speaker of Arabic, that’s why it’s not a big deal for him. Such argument is totally unacceptable at the first place!. The fact that this ‘love letter’ was sent down in Arabic does not mean that it is only for the Arabs to understand it. Nor does it mean God is being unfair at the first place. It is totally absurd to say that. The main point here is that, If I really appreciate this ‘love letter’ which is given to me by the Most special ‘Individual’ in my life, definitely I would try to make effort to understand it though it takes days and nights to get even a glimpse of that ‘letter’. It is all depending on me. Do I just want to sit with the “letter’ in front of me while knowing that by not doing anything I won’t get anything in return? Or do I make efforts of trying to open up the dictionaries (at least) or to go the experts so that they can help me translating that letter? The choice is in my hands. As the saying goes, “you reap what you sow”.

AllahuA’lam (Allah knows Best).


aj said...

beautiful ... absolutely butiful! a wise brother ! culdnt be much more clearer and simple as that

aj said...

how i wish i cud understand them =)