A Reflection of Time & A Matter of To Do or Not To Do

By Al ‘Asr (the time). Verily man is in Loss

Lately, fatigue and weariness had been dominating my days. In fact, it’s been a week already since I last updated this blog Yes, it is really tiring. It is all because of the program in which me and my friends are working on (of course under a society) and the program is supposed to take place on the second week of August. Yup, around two weeks from now. Subhanallah..I have to contact this person, that person , I have to email this person, that person and really it became tiring as I have to make follow up for each and every one of them. I had to volunteer myself to contact them as I feel it would be better to do so due to some unavoidable reasons. .Yet, it is a new experience for me. The reason I say new experience is because, throughout my entire life, this is the first time I’m dealing directly with those people from other faith namely those who are non Muslim for a specific program. Alhamdulillah, it’s a great experience though I’m a bit awkward when talking to them over the phone for I’m worried that words and expressions like Subhanallah, Insya’Allah, Masya’Allah and others might come out from my mouth. In fact, it did! I even gave salaam when I called this Christian brother because I really forgot about it at that moment. I smiled when I think about this while telling to myself how naive and innocent you are! =)

Truly, time is precious for each and every human being. For me, being a Muslim means that you should know how to spend your time in a wise manner. I know sometimes I don’t. Nevertheless, I’ll try to remind myself that to busy myself with all sorts of beneficial things would benefit me and InsyaAllah to those people around me. I like this saying on the poster that I put in my room. It is a poster of a recent conference that I was involved in. It says:
There are many who curse at the darkness in the world, but those who light a candle to disperse the darkness are few

Subhanallah.It boggles my mind the whenever I read it. Really! It’s true. Now the option is in my hands. Do I want to be just like those who curse at the darkness and do nothing or be just like the one who light out the darkness so that it would not only lighten myself but also to those people around me. What I am trying imply here is that, yes it is extremely tiring and sometimes you might find it very burdensome to organize programs that would benefit so many people, yet if you look it from a different angle you know that you have actually lighten up the darkness that is ubiquitous around you.
As long as we believe that we are trying to do something that would create a better society spiritually and physically, we pray that Allah would assist us in each and every second of our job. InsyaAllah.
Time would never be sufficient. Even if we are given 25 hours a day, I can guarantee that still we would take it for granted. That is why I say it is a matter of to do or not to do. The choice is in our hands. If you really think about it, definitely there are things that you can do for the society, even if it is a tiny bit. I uphold the spirit of the saying of our Beloved prophet may peace and blessings be upon Him:
Convey, Even if it is only one Ayah(Verse)

Hopefully, it is the same thing to you. InsyaAllah. =)
AllahuA’lam (Allah knows Best)


Curtin Islamic Society said...

Allah SWT will always be with you Surah Muhammad:35 ... i will be with you

it will be worth every tears ... iA