Purpose of Life

Why are we created anyway? What is the very reason of our existence? Did God create me for nothing in this world? Or did He create me for the sake of entertainments, sex and enjoyments in this world? Question! question! question!. Questions which men need to uncover before they have their final breath in this temporary world... In fact, I would say, these are among the fundamental questions that we as human being should be asking ourselves...In my previous post entitled Look at the world around you, I did say something about the one which are created and the One which is what we call as the Creator. For us, we are both creator and created at the same time. In fact, we create so many things so that they may serve us.

However, it is to be noted that, this does not apply to Allah as He is the Creator of all creatures, God of the heavens and the earth. Bare in mind that, He is the sole Creator and thus no issue of who created God as the principle of cause and effect cannot be applied to Him. In fact, such issue is so meaningless due to the fact that the law of causation is for those who live in space and time. On the other hand, it is God who created space and time hence making Him transcendent in relation to both while it is an error to think that He is bound either by them or by their laws. It is Allah who created the law of causation and we cannot consider Him as subject to the law He created. Finish for that part and back to our discussion-the purpose of life.
Dear brothers and sisters, don’t you think that we are created for nothing in this world? Think about it-we created and invented things as a result of human products so that they may serve us. Just look at the things around us-Computer, table, chair, washing machine, lamp, fan and even to small things like paper clips, nails and so on. All of these are in fact created to serve its creator/s. Hence, isn’t fair to say that human beings also fall to same principle. They were created at the first place and then they must serve their Creator namely God the Almighty. In fact, He is the Creator of all creatures.
It’s really beautiful to know what Said Nursi has to say about this. He said:

“Do not suppose yourself to be free and independent. For if you look at this guest-house of the world with the eye of wisdom, you will see that nothing at all is without order and without purpose? How can you remain outside the order and be without purpose!”

It’s true isn’t it?.It is extremely impossible for the human beings to be created by a Creator but then to be purposeless at the same time!!It would be futile to think so isn’t it?. Even it is very logical to think that men would not invent or create something without purpose. Agree? It is same thing with human beings. The simplest explanation for the question of the purpose of life lies goes back to the Qur’an itself. Allah says:
I have only created Jinns and men, that They may serve Me.

Yes, we were created to serve our Creator. Simple isn’t it? In fact, it is a clear cut. Metaphorically speaking, men invented things; devices etc and provide a manual or instruction for such things/devices to work accordingly. Same like us human beings. Allah is truly The Wisest One. He did not make us without a ‘manual’ so that our life would be problematic and useless, rather He gave us such a most comprehensive and perfect ‘manual’ that have ever existed in this world, in which if it is followed as how it is ought to be, men would never be lost. Yes, that ‘manual’ is called Qur’an and it is that simple. Nevertheless, still we- you and me always take it for granted! Agree?.
InsyaAllah, we pray that we are among those who know how to read this ‘manual’ each and every second of our life and not only to read it, but also to comprehend, apprehend, analyze, understand and grasp the values contain in it and make it into practise in our daily life. If we remember this, InsyaAllah, we are not like those who are spiritually hollow with unhappy souls throughout their entire life..
I am not a scholar, nor do I an expert in the religious field. I am just a layman and this is how I see the purpose of life. The question remains,Do we pay heed??.I assume you all know the answer.

AllahuA’lam(Allah knows Best).


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