A Moment of Reflection

Until this post is written, it’s been five days already for Ramadhan. One of the months in Islamic Calendar (Hijri Calendar) where almost all people from every corner of the world would never forget its tremendous significance and bounties contained in it. Besides fasting, Ramadhan is such a best time to ponder and reflect ourselves for whatever we have done for the past few months. What have we done to be a better Muslim in particular and what have we done to the societies to create a better world to live in. As a matter of fact, there are some people who managed to celebrate Ramadhan last year, but for this year, they are no longer with us. Indeed, that is the reality of life. Truly, Allah is most loving.

Nobody can assure you that you can celebrate Ramadhan in the future. What more to assure you that you would still breathing tomorrow. That is why, we should take this opportunity. Alhamdulillah, praises to God, I am still able to celebrate Ramadhan this year. Nevertheless, it does not mean that I should take this for granted; rather what I am supposed to do is to embrace the spirit of Ramadhan wholeheartedly. Yes, that is definitely what is ought to be done!.If you were to make a list of what Ramadhan is all about, definitely words like mercy, bounties, thankful, patience, gratefulness, endurance, charities, willing submission, being gratitude for whatever you have in possession, God’s compassion and etc cannot be neglected at the first place. As such, it is not surprising why in the month of Ramadhan even a piece of dry bread can be the most valuable divine bounty in the eyes of a believer. The fact that at other times of the year, most people who are not in difficult circumstances do not realize the many bounties that they have made them to realize it when it is the time to break the fast. Thus, fasting is definitely seen as the key to gratitude.
In addition to that, Ramadhan as I see it can be the most suitable time to make some changes or amendments in your personal behaviour and to some extent your daily routines maybe. For instance, if you find it difficult to perform Fajr prayer before, it is assumed that it would be easier now as you have to wake up early for Sahur. If you love to backbite and slandering before, it is assumed that now you can replace those improper behaviours by making yourself busy with activities like reciting Qur’an, glorifying God’s name and seeking forgiveness for sins. It is then understandable why is that the most excellent fasting is to make the human senses and organs like the eyes, ears, hearts and thoughts, fast together with the stomach. Try to look at Ramadhan in a complete picture and you can feel the difference!!.InsyaAllah.
Allahu’Alam(Allah knows Best).

P/s: Hopefully it is not too late for me to wish all of you out there, Ramadhan Kareem !!. May Allah bless you and shower you with so many blessings on this blessed month. Sometimes I feel envy looking at those kids coming with their families to perform Taraweeh(Optional prayer in Ramadhan)at our mosque. Subhanallah, they are indeed very fortunate. I personally had no experience of doing that before..The reason?..God willing, I’ll tell you one day.