Abu Hurayrah reported that the Messenger of Allah said,
On every bone of men’s fingers and toes, there is sadaqah every day the sun rises. Doing justice between two men is sadaqah, and assisting a man(to ride) upon his animal that it may carry him, or lifting up his luggage upon it is sadaqah, and a good word is sadaqah and every step he takes towards prayer(Solat) is sadaqah, and removing harmful things form pathway is sadaqah
-Al Bukhari and Muslim-

Note: Sadaqah has an unlimited scope in Islam and the word ‘charity’ in English does not convey the full meaning of the word sadaqah. It not only means giving of charity in money or goods to the poor and deserving but also includes many charitable acts, big and small, which are either ignored or considered too trivial. In the olden days, the stones and thorns were found on the paths, but now different types of obstacles and hazards threaten life on the roads and waterways, and anybody who minimizes or removes these dangers, performs an act of charity. Even the smallest but significant actions like helping a blind to cross the road and protecting the children from the rush traffic are considered to be acts of charity.