Mission Statement + Good Friends

Alhamdulliah..Praise due to Allah, last night I managed to join the last series of K&A Tour organized by Young Muslims Project Malaysia..It was really informative and attractive. What more with such a renowned speaker-Imam Suhaibb Webb coming all away from America. Yes, he did share so many things with the participants including some witty remarks and stories. In fact, to listen to his speech is such a memorable moment while it’s a bit amusing when one of the participants said that people came for that program because of the fact that Imam Suhaibb is a former hip hop DJ..Yup..Its true!! =)

He touched on so many issues like-synchronized the Qur’an and Sunnah, the proper behaviour of students of knowledge, how the media tend to sensationalize the incidents of Sept 11 by saying that Muslims were having a hard time with their non Muslim neighbours while it is not really the case and not to forget his personal accounts with fellow Muslims and non Muslims colleagues both in America and Egypt (He’s pursuing his study there)..Two things that I remember most are: when he mentioned that Muslims should know their ‘mission statement’ and with regard to choosing friends. As he pointed out, the mission statement is something which is very crucial for an organization, institution and many other forms of social groups or whatever you may have. As the name suggests, same like for a Muslim.He/she should be clear of his/her ‘mission statement’ in order to succeed in life. Definitely he is referring to the purpose of life here. He then made such a simple yet striking statement when he said:

Islam never asked you to be perfect, but to make effort

MasyaAllah..Isn’t true!!Yes, definitely this statement is simple but I just realized that I never thought about it seriously..Definitely efforts are needed to change myself as even it is mentioned in the Qur’an that:
Verily never will Allah change the condition of a people until they change it themselves (with their own souls).
Qur’an 13 :11
Nevertheless, I also have to remember that to be perfect is definitely beyond our reach.Agree?.With regard to choosing friend, I cannot help myself but to agree most when he made it clear that in this journey, definitely we need friends and companions. Nobody can walk alone in this ‘guest house’ of Allah the Almighty as there thousands of temptations waiting ahead .As such, a matter of choosing friends is extremely important, significant, pivotal, vital, imperative, essential and others which you can just name it. They basically have an influence to determine the very success or failure of our life to reach the right destination which is the paradise of Allah. Simply to say, they are like our sidekick in making us closer to Allah or otherwise.
AllahuA’lam(Allah knows Best)
p/s:today is my birthday.Ya Allah..really, time is moving so fast..I had this WH Questions in my mind-What have I done so far to achieve the purpose of my life up to this point?Where I have been spending all my time,money, wealth etc?Who are those people that I have spent my time with all this while?...these and more questions to come..Erm..I wonder how I would answer them...


miss Bee said...


happy belated birthday!

yes, we should always concern with who we are always with, alhamdulillaah, i got many good friends that always help me in bad and in good situations; the most importantly, friends that can support my faith and motivate me to get closer to Allaah...



thank you


TheHumbleWayfarer said...

Thanks miss Bee for the thoughtful words..you are really right..InsyaAllah, you r among those friends of mine who make me closer to Allah..Amin =)