Yes..Istiqamah is all that I need now. Sometimes I’ve been thinking that have I been Istiqamah enough in appreciating each and every second of my life?..Yes, when I say Istiqamah, I mean being steadfast in whatever I do(and of course doing good things!). Have I? I don’t want to value this precious life in a seasonal time. For instance, to double, triple and multiply my ‘Ibadah(worship) to a particular period of time or seasons like during the month of Sya’ban, Ramadhan etc and not each and every second of my breath.. Is it really right to do so? I mean it is as if to remember your Lord is a seasonal thing to do. It is as if Allah only cares about you during a fixed period of time. It is also as if you only need Allah at this particular period, time or month!.MasyaAllah ..

The saddest part is, we Muslims, me and you always tend to think like that! Agree? Though we might be oblivious on our part, it always happens in our lives, isn’t it? Nonetheless, do not misunderstand me? I’m not trying to be judgmental here, but what I’m trying to imply is that, maybe we should change how we look at this thing and try to look it from a different angle. As such, maybe we would see things as how they are ought to be in a clearer picture. Allah does not need us to serve Him but we need Allah to serve Him as it affects us. Yet, without having worshiping and remembering Him, it does not affect Allah at all while it does to the human beings. The month of Sya’ban is approaching, later Ramadhan, Syawal and so on.. InsyaAllah, this would be a reminder for all of us here (which definitely includes me).
AllahuA’lam(Allah knows Best).


aj said...

the most important istiqamah is the zikrullah! no matter how bz we are in our daily routine ... zikrullah is what connects us with our Rabb!

salam and good refreshment for soul THW!

TheHumbleWayfarer said...

Syukran aj..truly it is a reminder for men who are indeed forgetful. =)