Drowned with questions

Indeed I was literally drowned with questions earlier. Drowned, yet I had a great time with my students today =)
The discussion was about Islam, the teachings and belief. Among the questions that I dealt earlier :

1)What is Halal and what is Haram?
2)Why Muslims cannot eat pork?
3)Is it true that Non Muslims cannot go to Makkah ?
4)Why is that Muslims men cannot do hand shake with women?
5)What is inside the Kaabah?
6)What is Zamzam water?
7)Is it true that Muslim women have go cover their face?
8)Why Muslims have to circumcise. What about women?
9)Why Muslims cannot touch dog ?                                               
10)Why Muslims men and women cannot pray next to one another?

Not to forget , the one that tickles my heart; “Sir, why is that the mosque looks like an onion?” This one, I cannot tahan ! =D

Whoa. So many questions !  I just hope I did justice to the questions earlier. May Allah forgive me If for my shortcomings. InsyaAllah !

Please share you answer to the questions above. Really appreciate if you do that ! Syukran =)


Hajar said...

Salam akhi.

An onion? Now that's a first! lol~ Honestly speaking, these questions remind me of the misconceptions addressed by Zakir Naik. However question no. 3 looks a bit odd ... usually I get asked; "Is it true non-Muslims cannot go to Makkah?".

TheHumbleWayfarer said...


Sis Hajar,

Long time no 'see'. =)
I just realized that there was a typo error. yes, it's odd because it's supposed to be non muslims instead of muslims =)

So, not interested to answer any of the questions? =)

TheHumbleWayfarer said...

Sis Hajar;

error edited =)
Syukran !

Anonymous said...

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