That's Life-Part 2

Jum’ah Mubarakah !

Such a gloomy, windy morning isn’t it?. I really think it is a reflection of my feeling right now. Firstly, I am deeply sorry. Only Allah knows how sad it is for not being able to update this blog for quite some time. Past few weeks and months have been a really tough time for me. So many things came up and so many unexpected things turned up. InsyaAllah, I believe this is somehow a process for me. A process to learn and understand the meaning of life , how I live and most importantly how I should live my life.

Alhamdulillah..I just got a new job and I’ve started for the past two weeks. Compared to my previous job, I believe I will enjoy this job more. InsyaAllah!. New colleagues, new environment, new challenges-That’s what life is all about.

Sometimes, we are so afraid and deterred when we encounter a problem or challenges, whereas we forget one thing. Isn't it because of such and such problem or challenges that we grow and rise ? So, no matter how far we run, no matter how deep or high we hide, life compels us to face different circumstances and also undertakings in life. Life won’t be monotonous because with that, you won’t learn anything. When you see the different colours and patterns in life, only then you would be able to know what the reality of life is.

Talking about life, don’t you know that life is also full of threats? Not only there are threats, but it also comes along with the defense mechanism. For instance, in our daily life; when we drive a car, we are required to wear the seat belt as to avoid any future and unexpected incidents; we wear shoes to protect our feet and also for hygienic purposes; we built houses and homes to provide us with security and for the well being of our families. In fact, even on our body; our skin, eyelid and so on are all the defense mechanism to encounter threats in the form of infections, etc. Given this fact, we know that life always comes with threat and challenges. However, does it mean that should feel dejected? Definitely not! We shouldn’t be despair as alongside with the threats and challenges, there comes the defense mechanism. Fair isn’t it?.

What about the threats from within? For this one, the answer lies in the belief of God, following what He pleases and avoid things Which He abhors.

Smile and the world will smile with you-says Nisa

This is truly a reminder for me myself and those who might have forgotten about it.
Allahu A’lam.

Note: Is Satan to be blamed for the wrong actions that we have committed ? As We all know, Satan just whisper and lure us, yet it is us who decide to do or not to do the actions. Ironically, some people say it takes two to tango while the Malays would say it takes both hands to clap.


[nurfarahsyakirah] said...

mabruk for the new job.

Hajar said...

Salam bro,

There had been several occasions whereby my friends will say something like; "Satan is the cause of this. It whispers to us and makes us do things." & I always refute with just because Satan tells us to do, it's not like we don't have the willpower to not listen to it. It's never Satans' fault. It's our fault for being too vulnerable & allowing Satan to have its way.

TheHumbleWayfarer said...


It's been a while since I last commented.

Syukran !

Sis Hajar:
Yes, you are right.That's why to blame syaitan is just a lame excuse. Allahu A'lam