Bringing up Muslims Intelligentsia

It’s good to meet people that can make you think. People that are very critical about lives and also very responsive over what is happening around them. All you have to do is just mingle with them, discuss about something and your mind would be triggered to embark on a journey that can make you see things differently and from a different angle. Honestly, I don’t like people who just accept what society put before them. They don’t know whether what they are doing is right or wrong and worse , they just follow what society says without even trying to think what implications that it may have towards their life. Quite complicated, but in a simple words they just follow blindly what society does, they just accept what society says and in fact, they are no different than a robot preprogrammed to accept things as how they are ought to be.

The day before yesterday, I had a big chat with one of my dearest friends. A friend who always amazed me with his critical thinking ability and also a unique individual who always look at things from a different angle.I believe, age does play a role here. Not to forget, maybe due to the upbringing itself. The moment he speaks and utters a word, you just started to think and think. Actually, on that day it was supposed to be a visit to his house where I was thinking to see his baby aged several months . Yet, the baby and the mother went back to the grandparent’s house all away in Johor. As a result, we decided to meet up somewhere and  hence took the chance to chat about everything under the sun. A bit disappointed because ever since the baby came into this world, this uncle of him never had any chance to meet him personally=) InsyaAllah, next time I believe. Hopefully it would be so soon InsyaAllah =)

Back to the points that I’ve raised earlier, what’s so important about thinking and being critical anyway? Does it make any changes if I do that ? Does it make any difference if I do that ? Is it really necessary to be critical ? For all of these questions- My answer would be a BIG HUGE Y-E-S !

By being critical, it does not mean that you have to go against your faith, rather to be critical is to affirm you faith at the first place. I still remember back then in Uni whereby me and a couple of friends planned to have a small talk or discussion with a Christian friend of mine. Some people just don’t get it and started to condemn that it was so wrong to have that kind of discussion. Their arguments was - “do we have that right to talk about Islam ?”

I was totally pissed off when I heard that kind of argument. I don’t blame them, because I’m sure the thought is ingrained into their heads by the society. However, I feel so sorry for these types of people. I personally believe there is no wrong in doing that kind od discussion. Anyway, I am talking about my religion. I am talking about my faith. And In fact, I am talking about my life, as Islam is 24/7 inside me. So, is there any wrong side of it?

Definitely I believe it is wrong, if let’s say you come up with your own fatwa or any of those kinds. For that one, absolutely they are WRONG. However, when it comes to talking about your own faith, it is your inherent right (with knowledge of course ! ). For me, Islam is not meant for the Ulama’ or the learned ones only. It is for everyone.

Though it is like that, there is one thing that we should take note and give serious thought.
Islam is only for intelligent people, definitely not for the ‘silly’ one.
It might sound harsh, but that’s the reality. Isn’t it so abundance in the Qur’an that Allah asked us to think , think and think?. Not only to think, but also to reflect , ponder , deliberate and in fact contemplate. That’s basically our main argument when it comes to the issue of being critical as I see it.

InsyaAllah, try to be critical and try to be responsive over what is happening around us. Avoid blind following so that we know we are do things not because it is ingrained in our society but rather because we know the underlying meaning behind them.

I believe this words of of Erich Fromm is indeed real to be pondered upon;
"The danger of the past was that men became slaves. The danger of the future is that man may become robots "
Allahu A'lam..Allah knows best.
Do they not reflect in their own minds? Not but for just ends and for a term appointed, did Allah create the heavens and the earth, and all between them: yet are there truly many among men who deny the meeting with their Lord (at the Resurrection)!
Holy Qura'n , Ar Ruum 30 :8


Al-Hamra said...


Sharing is caring..eheh

By the way, I like discussing all sorts of things until mum tak larat nak layan and abah showed books for me to explore on my own.

In my own opinion, discussion will lengthen our neurons in the brain and lower the risk of getting 'nyanyuk' later as they are always activated...

The bottom line is, always refer to the right source, as we will be asked in the hereafter for every words we utter =)

Allah Knows Best

TheHumbleWayfarer said...


Ya Zainab. your comment is so typical of a psychologist ^_^

Nevertheless, you are so right. I like the last part. "Always refer to the right source". sometimes ppl just take it for granted .

Jazakillah also for that reminder =)

Allahu A'lam

a.j. said...

Wasalam. No worris akhi. we all have times when we are seriously under constraints and Allah knows best whats for us. That goes the same for me. When im not studying, theres islamic class and other commitment. Blogging has been slow for me. Facebook have been deleted about 2 months now. Yet still cant find enough time to blog.

Pray to Allah that we continue persistent and consistent in the path of Allah SWT and his beloved Prophet SAW.

Wa ana uhibbukum fillah

TheHumbleWayfarer said...


Thanks a lot for that reminder.
Ameen ya Rabb..yes, consistency in the path of Allah and His beloved prophet is all that I need now =(

Anonymous said...

Assalamualaikum, I read your post with interest. Khalifah Method promotes the empowering of children with necessary tools and opportunities to develop and expand their intelligence. Each child is born with the potential to be the next Ibn Sina, Aisyah r.a. (memorizer of hadith,jurist), Einstein or Mozart(check out Emily Bear: a noted pianist and composer at age 6 years old). But the journey begins first with proactive adults in the child's life so parents should be given lessons on how to create a creative,high learning environment for their children at an early age.

TheHumbleWayfarer said...

Wa'alaikumussalam :

Dear acespiretribe , Thanks a lot for your beautiful comments.=)

I heard that Khalifah method before. If I'm not mistaken , the pioneer of that method was the late Prof Al Mahdi.Isn't it? (Please correct me if I'm wrong)

You are all started from the beginning.In fact, the parents play a prominent role in nurturing the kids with the best possible ways available.Definitely we need more 'Aisyah, Ibnu Sina , Al Khwarizmi and so on !