To the Unfortunates, Look at the More Unfortunates

Have you ever experienced, feeling that your life is difficult enough and the environment that you lived in seems to be complicated more than you can ever imagined. However, when you heard someone narrating a story that their lives are much even worse, you started to be grateful instead as you know the ones that you are experiencing are not that burdensome or troubling enough. This is basically what had happened to me as I met my friends yesterday. We haven’t met  for quite some time and as a result, our conversation started to touch everything under the sun. It was such a lovely meeting as we chose UIA as our meeting place. Not to forget, the appetizing Nasi lemak that we had that morning .Truly helped brighten up the day!.

As me and my friends have started working several months ago, definitely the central part of our conversation lies on our job experiences . My friend told me how hard he had to cope with environment there. Most of his colleagues there are Muslims, yet they are acting like they are not ones. At first I thought, maybe it is quite common to see that these days. However, the moment he talked more on the subject, the word Astaghfirullah quickly blurted from my mouth. MasyaAllah, only Allah knows how difficult for him to cope with the environment there !.

I was truly flabbergasted knowing what he’s been experiencing there for the couple of months back. He told me how his colleagues indulged in gambling, having mistresses despite legally married, buying lottery tickets and so on. I’m sure even when you read this, you would be shocked over what he has to go though. I feel so sorry for my friend. All these while, I really thought the environment that I have to experience at my office is not good enough. Nonetheless, when I listened to him, I really have to thank Allah for giving me a much better environment compared to those who are experiencing worse than me. Of course I gave him a word of advice so that he won’t get influenced by all of those things. Well, as human , we never know what will happen in the future and we can’t expect anything ahead. Indeed, Allah is All Knowing.

As human being, we know that somewhere in our lives, we would be experiencing a difficult and tough times. It might be in a form of unhealthy environment, bad attitude that people have towards you, the prevalent of moral and ethical deterioration around you and the list goes on.

Somewhere and sometimes in our lives, some of these things would be knocking on our doors. For some people, they might get it bad. While for some, they might get it worse. It all depends on how we perceive things that happening around us and how we tackle them. For people of faith, I believe what they have to do is to go back to the basic i.e. religion.

For me, I belief, if we look at ourselves as the unfortunate, we still have to look at the ones who are more unfortunate. If you feel bad going to work by bus, look at those people who have to go to work by walking or even have to go through a huge rivers riding a sampan. If you feel bad knowing that you don’t get to buy the latest gadgets in the markets so much so that you curse people, look at those people who live such a hard life 24/7 providing his or her loved ones at home. If you feel bad thinking that your house is not big enough or even your car is not that elegant enough, look at those people who don't even have a place that they can call home and what more to own a transport of their owns.

I really thought praying in the store room is bad enough and of course a sad thing for me as we don’t have a specific praying room at the office. Yet, I missed the point that there are people out there who cannot even pray in the store room. Not because they have a big musolla to pray at, but due to the fact they don’t have any place to pray.

Subhallah. At least, I have something that they don’t. I might look at myself as the unfortunate to pray in a tiny store room surrounded by piles of boxes. Yet, have I ever thought about my brothers and sisters out there who can’t even pray at the office...Not even in the store room.. May Allah forgive me


The Tea Drinker said...

oh i remember this.

in life, in terms of fortune, look downwards. if we're rich, look to the poor. if we're poor, look to the less fortunate.

in spirituality, look up. if we think we're pious, look at the more pious or the saints or the prophets and be humbled.

its a very good lesson. tq wayfarer.

TheHumbleWayfarer said...


The Tea Drinker:
You are so right my dear.This is truly a reminder for you and me.

The more we look at the more unfortunates, the more we would be grateful over what we have in life. InsyaAllah =)

Barakallhu Fik akh

Hajar said...

Assalamualaikum bro.

I haven't been blog-hopping recently. Aih~

Even so, there will always be someone who is more fortunate & less fortunate than us. Always be thankful with what we have and seek His guidance in everything that we do. :)

TheHumbleWayfarer said...


Sis Hajar:

Yes, I noticed that. Its been a bit difficult to 'see' you lately ^_^
It seems like you just disappear =P

Yes ukht. the word is 'GRATEFUL' and 'THANKFUL' =)