I remember your smile =)

Where there’s a right, there is no wrong
I always thought we were so strong
But our time just flew right by
There wasn’t a chance to say goodbye
I’m so confused, I feel so alone
Deep in my heart I know Allah has called you home…home

But yet, your smile, still lingers in my mind
And yet, it’s so hard, I just break down and cry
I remember your eyes found a way to melt my heart
Most of all I remember, I remember your smile
Most of all, I remember, I remember your smile

Sometimes I lie awake at night
The pain in my heart I just can’t fight
Why did you have to go away?
Yet I know none of us can stay
You’ll always be, so special to me
In this world you’ll always live as a memory


Anonymous said...


MashaAllah, I've been liking this nasheed too... :)

I don't know whether this would be beneficial or not, but you can listen to whole lots of nasheed here, http://halaltunes.org/


Al-Hamra said...


sometimes, 'acapella' songs are far way better without all the background musical instruments...coz humming them to yourself also would be far more easier.

Zain Bikha's pieces are one of them =)

[nurfarahsyakirah] said...

Yes, this is indeed a beautiful nasheed only i don't really understand what it is about. :P

a.j. said...

salam rocking hijab, if im not mistaken, the album was written by brother zain for his friend who passed away, whom to him someone deared alot

TheHumbleWayfarer said...


really.its beautiful isn't it =)

Thanks for the link too. insyaAllah, im sure it would be useful =)

Al Hamra:
Yes, Zain Bikha is truly a gifted person =)


Thansk for the info ^_^
Hows life akh?
The beautiful lyrics that he put can make you smile and sometimes cry ! ^_^