If you see and If I see

-precious smile by my cute little niece-Amira Maisarah-
  If you see someone without smile,
feel free to share one of you beautiful and radiant smiles,

If you see someone without love,
never ever feel hesitate to show him your sincere love.

If you see someone without mercy,
show him through your mien, the power of mercy.

If you see someone without care,
try as much as possible to provide him with the needed care.

If you see someone without empathy,
ask him to look around and see how society would perish with the lack of empathy.

If you see someone without hope,
assure him that in life, no matter how difficult it is, there is definitely a glimmer of hope.

You know what...
If I see someone like you, I would be the happiest man on earth !

Your brother..
-TheHumblewayfarer =)


[nurfarahsyakirah] said...

NuFaS likes this. haha

a.j. said...

salam. akhi. i really cant leave my lovely DOR. -__-'

cant think straight right now.

what a cute niece! =) as cute as mine!

and i really hope she can read the poem that you wrote here!

splendidly beautiful

TheHumbleWayfarer said...


Thanks ^_^


Akh, i really don't know what you are getting into right now. i really hope you would think carefully my dear. you really made me sad by saying something like that..insyaAllah, ill pray for your safety, health and tranquility in life. you are very dear to me brother. anything, please do share ok. i cannot imagine my life without DOR =(

a.j. said...

Not going too shut it down. It is so unislamic to give up in whatever hardship we are facing.

How much Allah never gave up on his weak servant, how should I, how could I ever give up on Him.

dun worry la akhi. Like my friend always say

"Small Matter Oni XDD"

TheHumbleWayfarer said...

Alhamdulillah =)
I knew sth was not right