Make an Effort to Know

In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.


As cliché as it might sound, the citizens of Malaysia are very lucky to live in such a pluralistic society. I just noticed that from this week onwards and several weeks to come, there would be myriad of festivities that we would be having in this country.

Yesterday, while waiting for the bus to go back to my hometown in Pahang, I was sitting next to an Indian lady. The fact that I’ve waited for some time made me ask that lady whether she’s also waiting for the same bus. She said no, but she was wating for her friend to come and fetch her. After some time, I managed to know that she is also from Pahang and to my surprise; she is in fact staying right in the same neighbourhood where my sister is staying at. Subhanallah . What a coincidence!.

For the sake of asking, I asked her that I saw some ladies(Indians) wearing such a beautiful dresses today. They wore something like Punjabi suits. She then told me that they are having a festival called Ponggal today. Looking at her, I was curious as she just wore a plain cloth and a slack. It didn’t show that she’s celebrating anything. I asked her, “what about you sis? Don’t you celebrate it?”. Only then she told me that she won’t, as she got something to do and only her mum would celebrate it. That day, I’ve learn something beneficial when she started to tell me something on the why of the celebration. The celebration has got something to do with harvest, offering thankful to the cows for giving the milk and the special dish itself which is made by boiling the rice with cow’s milk and some other ingredients. She also told me that the celebration is a new year for them though she didn’t know exactly how many months they have when I asked her. To be honest, I’ve learnt so many new things from her though we met just for a while.

Around 15 minutes or so, we had to call it a day for the conversation as I had to depart looking that my bus was about to set off in the midst of our beautiful chat. Later that day, as I think back, I realized it is really important to have the attitude of “I care to know” . Not a mere knowing, rather to know the story from the people itself. What I mean is, to avoid being judgmental or indifferent towards the practices of the believer of any particular faith, it’s really wise to ask from the primary source itself. In this case, the believer of that particular religion. Simply to say, if we want to know about Buddhism, ask a Buddhist, If we want to know about Sikhism and their Gurdwaras, ask a Sikh. Same goes to Islam. If we want to know about Islam and what the Muslims believe, ask the people themselves. Fair isn’t it? =)

Given this fact, somewhere in our lives we should make an effort to know the beautiful people that live side by side with us in this country. Put aside their skin colour or anything, but what is the most important is we make an effort to know.

I’m not sure whether you realized it or not, but for several weeks to come, we would have so many festivities taking place. Among them, Thaipusam, Chinese New Year and Maulid Rasul. Beautiful isn’t it?.

As Muslims, I believe we should make an effort at least to know a bit from those people who celebrate it. Yes, we get extra holidays, but I’m sure the reason behind the celebrations also would be worth knowing. Isn’t it? =)

InsyaAllah, if Ted Williams has a golden voice that made him from no one to someone, I believe all of us have more than that. We have a golden heart which makes us care to know each other and not being indifferent towards our fellow being.

Till then.

Allahu A’lam =)

p/s: a reminder for you and me ^_^

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