Obsession with 1 ?

I'm really sick of it  ! It's getting too much !Why making people confuse ?
I abhor Politicking in the name of religion !

Tell me, what do you understand if you read this?
"Islamic Solutions to Current Issues in the World based on 1 Malaysia Concept"

Which one is which ?

I'm not siding with anyone, But I can't tolerate this.I really can't

Ya Allah !


Al-Hamra said...


Kadang fikir juga...nama (penjenamaan) negara baru ke? Sebab mana2 pun ada. Ingat balik jap geografi dan history belaja time sekolah dulu...

only few 1 ('one') i can tolerate though... ;)

Al-Hamra said...

Back to the issue. Kalau kat uni dulu, lecturer kan suruh buat 'operationally defined...'':

1- Islamic Solution: Solution according to the Islamic Syar'iah, systems, law and regulations.

2- Current Issues: Contemporary Issues ;)?

3- Noun yg akhir, I tak faham...

Then, gabungkan makna2 tersebut untuk dpt makna penuh...

Allah Knows Best

TheHumbleWayfarer said...

Thanks for your comments. Im not trying to say that this is right or this is wrong but Im really sad and really annoyed. can't they make sense over what they are doing. Things have limit and for this, they have crossed the limit.

Ive alwys tell myself to avoid such issue in my blog, but if it is too much, I really cant tolerate.

For the orgaznier, you better get it right. If not, you are making ppl confuse . I cant tolerate ppl using Islam for their personal gain

I am so sorry if some ppl don't like me saying this. This is my personal stand and if you beg to differ, I can understand that.

Allahu A'lam.

Al-Hamra said...


The Tea Drinker said...

and here we have 1confusion.