An Unknown Abdullah and Engin Koç

It’s really nice when you have friends coming from different parts of the world. For me, I thank Allah for giving the opportunity to study in UIA. Truly it was one of the greatest gifts that Allah has given me. Alhamdulillah ! It was in UIA that I had the opportunities to befriend with people coming from all over the world. You just name it, China, Turkey, USA, UK, Nigeria, Djibouti, Somalia, Cambodia, Thailand... the list goes on. We might be differed in terms of skin colours, cultures and even the way we spoke English. Nevertheless, we managed to get along very well. Subhanallah...

My friend even used to tell me that he felt weird looking at me befriending with international students. I smiled when he said that. To a certain extent, I didn’t mindat all. I felt really happy to be able to know those people. In fact, I agreed when he said I have more international friends compared to the local ones. For me, I don’t think it is wrong anyway =)

When you are all apart, it is technology that unites us. It’s really nice when you get calls or even SMS coming from your friend who’s staying abroad. Sometimes, you might be surprised that unexpected things might also be happening, as what had happened to me. A couple of days ago, I received an SMS from Abdullah saying asking for my well being plus informing me that we both can keep in touch through the number that he’s using to sent me that SMS. I was so delighted to get that SMS especially knowing that someone still remembers you somewhere in different parts of the world. However,once I’ve read the whole SMS, I was truly puzzled . Which Abdullah it is? To be honest, I know so many Abdullahs both international and local. As I replied the message, I told him the same thing while saying sorry that I didn’t mean to make it that away. Up to this day, I am still waiting for his reply. I really don’t know which Abdullah is that. Maybe an Abdullah that I know or maybe an unknown Abdullah. To Abdullah, thank you for your SMS. Hope to get your reply soon akh ! =)
A chat with Engin Koç is another different story. Engin Koç is a dear friend of mine from Turkey. Back then in UIA, we were very close until he had to leave UIA for some reasons. I felt really dejected the moment he told me that he’s leaving UIA. We both shared so many things and helped each other the moments we had our ups and downs in life. Yet, knowing that he would be leaving UIA was truly something that shocked me. Alhamdulillah, up until now, we are able to contact each other despite the fact that we are both separated miles away across borders and oceans. Recently, he told me that he is now in Pakistan to help those Pakistanis who were recently struck by the massive flood. I know that he must be doing his volunteering works there. That’s truly him. Very helpful, friendly and having such a pleasant personality. Im so happy that he’s doing very well. In fact, he’ll be going to the military service at any time soon. To engin, Thank you so much for being such a good friend of mine . A friend who’s very close to me. Ana Uhibbuk Fillah Akh !

Engin Koç with Pakistani Children =)
P/s: I don’t know why I’m writing this. Just for the sake of sharing I guess. I miss Engin very much especially knowing that he’s going to the military service soon. Anyway, ‘Engin ‘ is not to be pronounced as ‘engine’ ok .It is to be pronounced as in ‘gin’ =)

Allahu A’alam..


The Tea Drinker said...

i think ur very lucky. exposure to how other people in the world translate Islam into their life.

[nurfarahsyakirah] said...

slm. i also wish i could have the same experience like u, in the sense of being friends to foreigners. but even local people sometimes is like a foreigner to me. :P

Khadijah C. said...

Assalam Alaikum,

Alhamdulillah! Indeed, it is a gift from the Almighty to be with muslims around the world...

It just breaks the stereotyping, isn't it? =)

Anyway, Eid Mubarak to you! And to those who are reading this!

May Allah(SWT) accept the repentances and good deeds for His sake~ Ameen~

Khadijah C.

munadhia said...

salam. sronok kan jadi warga uia. tak perlu terbang jauh2 untuk cari kawan from all over d world kan... rumet sy dr jordan, dan rumet sblmnya dr india. Alhamdulillah Allah kabulkan prmintaan sy utk bergaul dgn foreigners juga. n know wat? sy juga ad adik angkat dr palestin. =) experience that i will remember most insyaAllah.

dan juga, saya juga pelik kenapa setiap kali kita keluar atau beramah mesra dgn foreigners, ad je yang memandang pelik kan.hmmm...

apapun, all d best in whatever u do.insyaAllah.salam eidul adha.


Hajar said...

Assalamualaikum bro~!

Thanks for the heartwarming post. Alhamdulillah, I too try to keep in touch with my friends through MSN/email/texts/FB. The most pleasant surprised I had was last Tuesday, when my good friend called me all the way from China! I practically screamed at my office! Haha!

Before I forget, happy Eid to you and your loved ones!

TheHumbleWayfarer said...

The Tea Drinker:
Brother, Alhamdulillah.. God has given me that opportunity. =)
Its also a matter of attitude I guess. Some of my friends like to mingle with the locals only. Same thing goes to some International stdents. That's why for me, it goes back to your attitude =)

Farah aka Nufas:
I think nowadays its very much possible sis. what more with the technologies that we have =) I suggest you try to join those islamic NGOs that are more international in nature. I'm sure you would be able to befriend with at least 1 person =)

Sis Khadijah C:

Yes, it does break the stereotyping.You can also learn so many things from their cultures.For instance,I had this encounter whereby my Turkish friends gave me sth. I kept asking why did you give me that thing and saying sorry that I troubled him. You know what? He eventually said that, its Aib(shameful) to say that. Meaning in their culture, its not good. Of course I had a good intention by saying that but in their culture its aib. =)

Thank you so much for the wish. Eid mubarak to you too. May Allah bless you and your family ya ukht ^_^

Sis Munadhia:
Thanks for dropping by. Yes, its really-really nice to be part of the big family of UIA =)

Subhanallah, great to know that you have adik angkat from Palestine. Yes, it would be truly one of your most memorable moments insyaAllah =)
Keep up the strong bonds between you and your fellow international friends ya. Believe me, If you are close with them, they would really treat you like a family =). If possible, try to make as many friends as possible before you finish your study =)
hehe, some of my friends were even sulking that I didn't go their houses ^_^

Sis Hajar:
I made this post just for the sake of sharing =)

Haha. To that extent ya =)
Its really nice isn't it. May Allah bless you and your beloved friend Sis. Eid Mubarak to you too.