True Calling

Yesterday, I was really in a state of crestfallen inside out. Something came up and that saddened me a lot. Astaghfirullah..Only Allah knows. I felt so difficult to breath and I felt really suffocated . I was totally dismayed over what had happened yesterday.

I didn’t expect that thing to happen, but it did anyway. That’s life.. Full of so many unexpected things waiting ahead. We never know what would happen in the future. Not tomorrow, not today, not even five minutes waiting ahead. That is why we are called God’s creation. Weak and fragile and thus need someone Who is Strong i.e. God.

Later that day, I was sitting on a bus. I browsed through the hundreds of names and numbers in my phone. I wished I could look up any name that I can call to make myself more comfortable. Sadly, I couldn’t find any. Friends? no . Family? Equally no. Of course I can trace several names in my phone especially among the closest ones to my heart, but deep inside, I know, I won’t even get any better by calling them. Logically it does, but emotionally and spiritually I know I won’t. For me, that wouldn’t change anything. It is then I realized that there is only one true calling. A 'calling' which I must make not only at the moment of difficulties but also at the moment of ease. A calling in which I can share whatever I want . No secret, no under wraps and everything can be so personal with me and my Loved one. That true calling is between me and Allah...

O Allah, I only have you right now. I know that this thing is not easy for me. As such, please make me strong ya Allah. Please empower me o Allah. Please make a wise end and give hikmah over what had happened to me ya Allah. Please make me Istiqamah in this Deen o Allah. I would cling to your assurance o Allah..
So, verily, with every difficulty, there is relief:
Verily, with every difficulty there is relief.
(Holy Qur’an 94:05-06)



Al-Hamra said...


Yup...only Allah SWT would truly understands what's deep inside. During sadness or happiness...

Just never give up, don't loose hope and have faith in HIM...

Kan ('',)?

Al-Hamra said...

Kebetulan the ayat I read in the quran after maghrib just now said:

Al- Baqarah (107):
-Tidakkah kamu tahu bahawa Allah memiliki kerajaan langit dan bumi? Dan tidak ada bagimu pelindung dan penolong selain Allah..-

And me...almost cried holding the Qur'an today. Something intrigue me...

Allah Knows Best

TheHumbleWayfarer said...

Al Hamra:

Ya Zainab.Syukran again for being such a good friend of mine. Your support and also your dua' means a lot to me =) may Allah reward your kindness my dear !

I know that test and challenges are parts of human life. I keep telling myself that Allah is testing me because He wants me to be strong and patient in whatever I encounter in life.. InsyaAllah

Unknown said...

Allah tests His believing servants with various types of crises and disasters in order to:
1) Reveal the Patient from the Impatient
2) Remove Our Sins and Reward the Righteous
3) Purify the Ranks and Distinguish the Righteous from the Wicked
4) Emphasize the Hardships of This World in Comparison to the Hereafter
5) Expose the Reality of the Human Being

“A human being is tested so that he may come to know the reality of himself and others. Life is consists of constant testing; testing with what is bad, or testing with what is good. However, what is best for the believer may be found in what he hates, and what is bad for him may be found in what he likes. The true believer is the one who loves that which Allah has chosen for him. So, if He tests him with something that he loves, he thanks Him, and if He tests him with that which he hates, he is patient and thanks Him in this case, as well. And Allah – the Glorified – gives the believer in accordance with what will lead to his happiness in either this World or the next. So, if it is better for him to have something, Allah gives it to him. If it is better for him not to have something, Allah prevents him from having that thing, just as one who is sick is prevented from too much food or water. Therefore, it is upon a person to completely submit to Allah – the Glorified – in regards to what He has chosen for him, and to be pleased with what Allah has given him, and to understand that if Allah prevents him from something, then it is because Allah wishes to save him from being tested with that thing.”

“Verily, We have created man from drops of mixed semen in order to test him, so We made him hearer, seer. Verily, We showed him the way, so he is either grateful or ungrateful.” (Surah al-Insan 76: 2-3)

So much to say yet so little time I have, anyway jazakallahu kahyr for dropping by my blog... K.Fid
Location : You know where to find me... InshaAllah.

TheHumbleWayfarer said...

K. Fid:

Jazakillah for the beautiful gems that you mentioned above.
I really cried reading them.='(
You had reminded me with so many things sis..esp this one>

"The true believer is the one who loves that which Allah has chosen for him. So, if He tests him with something that he loves, he thanks Him, and if He tests him with that which he hates, he is patient and thanks Him in this case, as well."

May Allah bless you sis!

Alhamdulillah, through blogging I know so many good ppl who are very close to Allah. Ppl who can remind me from time to time to appreciate this religion more than ever. Alhamdulillah.