26th IIUM Convocation


Subhanaallah, I feel really excited for tomorrow’s convocation. Yes, tomorrow would be my convocation. 26th IIUM Convocation. Please make a dua’ for me ya!

Till my next post ! =)

p/s: Congrats for Al Hamra and Abi too ^_^


a.j. said...

Assalamu'alaikum Akhi! awwwwww! congratulation. may you be blessed with iman success ahead.i nshaAllah

Al-Hamra said...
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Al-Hamra said...

Mabruq to you too akh...

aha..you're te 2nd person for your kuliyyah to get the scroll and me the 2nd last person... :)

More journey & responsibilities ahead waiting

Hajar said...

Congratulations bro! :)

TheHumbleWayfarer said...


Syukran 'ala Dua'. May Allah bless u my dear !

al Hamra:
Yup. I was the 2nd person. I felt really nervous on the stage !
Yeah true. so many responsibilties and challenges waiting ahead =)

Sis Hajar:
Syukran sis !! ^_^