Watering The Seeds of Love

Love as portrayed by the Chosen one  =)
‘Ali Ibn Abi Talib said; “The prophet was the most open hearted of all people, the most truthful of speech, the tenderest in disposition and the most generous in relations.”
Abu Sa’id Al Khudri relates that “the prophet was more shy and modest than a maiden in seclusion, and if anything was displeasing to him we would see it on his face. His was a kind and gentle face, so tender in appearance that he would not say of anyone what that person did not want to hear out of the shyness and generosity of his heart”.
Jarir Ibn ‘Abdullah said; “since I became a Muslim, the prophet was never out of my sight and whenever he saw me he was smiling. He would make jokes with his companions, mix and chat with them, play with their children and sit them on his lap. He would respond to the invitation of the free and the enslaved, the captive and the needy. He would visit the sick in the farthest part of the city and accept an apology from him who apologized.”
According to Anas; “He would never be the first to release a proffered hand and he would never stretch out his legs in the presence of a seated guest. He would be the first to extend the greeting of peace to whoever he met. While sitting, he would be the first to make room for his companions. He was generous to whoever visited him, sometimes spreading out his garment for him and out of deference, offering his own cushion to his guest and prevailing upon him to sit on it if he refused. He would call his companions by the names they liked best as a mark of honour and dignity to them and he would not interrupt the speech of anyone.”
Al Qadi Abu’l Fadl related : “The prophet united the hearts of his companions and did not alienate them one from another. He would treat honourably and generously any noble person of a tribe and confer the responsibilities of leadership on such a person. He was on his alert with some people but without denying them his cheerfulness and good disposition. He took care of his companions giving each his due so that no one felt that he favoured another more. Whoever sat with him or approached him with a request, he treated him patiently until he left. Whoever asked of him any need was never sent away without some reassuring word. He was expansive in his cheerfulness to people. He was like a father to them and with him they enjoyed the same rights. He was always smiling, comforting and sociable.”
The Prophet is also reported to have related: “A man once visited his brother in faith for the sake of God. So God designated an angel for him. The angel then asked him: ‘Where do you wish to go?’ ‘I want to visit my friend.’ ‘Is there anything you need at his place?’ asked the angel. ‘No.’ ‘Is he a relation of yours?’ ‘No.’ ‘Why then (are you visiting him)?’ ‘I love him for the sake of God.’ Thereupon the angel said: ‘God has sent me to inform you that He loves you on account of your love, and He has undertaken to grant you Paradise.
Reference: Watering The Seeds of Love by Said Ramadan

p/s: To all my brothers and sisters out there, I would like to tell you , Ana uhibbukum Fillah!! ^_^


The Tea Drinker said...

er... got translation for that ah?

a.j. said...

such a noble character He pbuh is. Wa ana uhibbukum fillah akhi

Hajar said...

Assalamualaikum brother,

My Arabic is extremely terrible so I'll make a bold guess on what "Ana uhibbukum Fillah!" means ... I love you for the sake of Allah?

It's funny how you came with this post. Last week a sister asked me something similar & my reply was, "I'm doing this b'cos I love u. Y r u making things harder by speculating the reasons? Isn't it enuf that the reason is b'cos God encourages us to love our brethren?".

Before I forget, Eid mubarak to you and your loved ones! :)

TheHumbleWayfarer said...


The Tea Drinker:
I read it in english akh.when u say translation, you mean in english right? ^_^

Indeed he is my dear.Barakallhu fik =)

Sis Hajar:
Yes, you got it right sis hajar..Surely we don't have to have reason to tell the other person why we love he/she.Love is sth which is inherent in human's nature.What more to love someone for the sake our our Lord-The Creator of the Heavens and the earths and all that is in between ^_^

'eid Mubarak to you too !!