Mercy Like The Rain

In the Name of Allah , The Most Gracious Most Merciful,
Hi Everyone. How’s your Imaan today? Must be great isn’t it =) Subhanallah, its already 7th Ramadhan today. Time really flies!. I’m sure everyone is struggling to have a better and more quality Ramadhan this year.

While writing this, it is raining outside. Do you agree if I say that rain is among the most beautiful things that God had created. Looking at the water pouring down from the sky is a moment that can truly ignite your senses. I don’t know why, for me, when it is raining, I feel like I am being carried away with emotions. I feel very calm, serene, and most of the times the rain makes me cry!. Oh Yeah, It does! =P. The moment you hear the water pouring down abundantly and when you see it touches the soil gracefully and in a very gentle way, you will have such a feeling which is very hard to describe. Sometimes, the soft breeze that touches your cheek gives a very pleasant feeling deep inside. Subhanallah, how beautiful God’s creations are. In fact, as Muslim, we believe that Supplication during the rain is among the best time to ask from Allah.

Narrated Sahel Ibn Sa'ad (radiAllahu anhu): Rasululllah , may peace be upon him said: 'Two will not be rejected, Supplication when the Adhan (call of prayer) is being called, and at the time of the rain'.
[Al-Hakim 2: 114, and Abu Dawud #2540, ibn Majah]
I personally don’t have any idea why is it that so.I mean,at the time of rain.However, I'm sure it must have something to do with the nature of the raining itself. The soft and gentle rain, the soothing sounds of nature, the peaceful and comfortable breeze that you may experience is something which very pleasant to the hearts and minds and not to forget a laid-back one.. I guess that’s the logic isn’t =)

Indeed, Shaam is right, Mercy like the rain !   ^_^


Al-Hamra said...

And rain is one of the moment when our du'a is the most makbul (ketika langit rezeki terbuka luas...)

Allah Knows Best

TheHumbleWayfarer said...

Yes, Zainab. totally agree =)

Hajar said...

Speaking of rain ... it just started again for the 3rd time today ... Alhamdulillah ... :)

TheHumbleWayfarer said...

Sis Hajar:
Wow. Really =) Alhamdulillah.
Here in Pahang its also raining. i can say right after Iftar it would be raining everyday =P

Hajar said...

Masha'Allah! You're very blessed then! I'm hoping for some rain today. :)

TheHumbleWayfarer said...

Sis Hajar: