Hoşgeldiniz Ya Ramadhan !!

In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious Most Merciful. Alhamdulillah, Praises due to Allah for giving me the opportunity to breath yet for another day. Wow, it’s already 28th Sha’ban today. Our beloved month is just around the corner. The month of giving and sharing. The holy fasting month of Ramadhan. =)
Hoşgeldiniz ya Ramadhan. Truly I miss you !! Ahlan Wasahlan!!. InsyaAllah, together we pray that we would be able to perform our obligation to fast this year with comfort and ease. Ameen.

I want to tell myself that I should be grateful for having this opportunity to meet Ramadhan this year. It is because, I always take things for granted. How am I so sure that I would be able to meet Ramadhan next year? I cannot even sure that I would live tomorrow. There were people who had spent Ramadhan together with us last year, yet for this year they are no longer with us. In fact, they are no longer in this world anymore. Having the opportunity to meet Ramadhan is truly a blessed gift. InsyaAllah, together we pray that Ramadhan this year would be better than last year. Ameen ya Rabb!!

>>What is Ramadhan by Yusuf Islam :


a.j. said...

salam akhi. its been long. you do ot know how much i miss blogging and you of course. things have been rough and distracting lately. cant wait for ramdhan to get things back on track.

before ramadhan arrives, id like to ask for your forgiveness on anything that i did intentionally and unintentionally.

Ramdhan Mubarak!

TheHumbleWayfarer said...

Akh..MasyaAllah.I also miss you and the blogosphere. InsyaAllah akh, I pray that evrything would be easy for you. I'm sure He knows what best for you.

Ramadhan is definitely the time to get things on track =) Together we forgive and forget. Thanks also for being such a good friend of me !!

Ramdhan Kareem ya akh ! =)

p/s: Do you know what Hosgeldiniz means?

Hajar said...

Salams bro.

First and foremost; Ramadhan mubarak to you and your loved ones!!! People will commonly ask how's your Eid preparations coming along, however I hope you've made preparations for Ramadhan. Whatever it is, I pray that Allah S.W.T shall accept our prayers and kind deeds.

PS: How can I send you a card when you don't give your address? :)

TheHumbleWayfarer said...

Sis Hajar:
Thanks a lot. I can assure you that u are part of those loved ones in the blogosphere ^_^ Empowering me to write and reminding me to be a better person !InsyaAllah, may Allah accept our prayers and deeds.Ameen !!

p/s:will give u my address. ^_^