Guidelines For Better Living According to Hassan al Banna

Guidelines are very much needed in our life. Without guideline, it is as if we are driving with no purpose of destination, wandering in the dark without knowing which way to go and so on. Guidelines make it easy for us to have a clear picture of what to do and what ought not to do in our day to day living. It is so interesting to know how Hassan al Banna-a thinker, a leader, and the founder of Ikhwan al Muslimun(Muslim Brotherhood) highlighted his views on guidelines for a better living. There are nearly 40 guidelines that he had highlighted. However, I would choose some only based on my preferences and based on our contemporary circumstances. I believe all these guidelines are very helpful for our day to day living as a Muslim. InsyaAllah, in another post, I’ll be writing about Hassan al Banna himself because knowing his personalities and life is truly something that you would be fascinated with. =)

Hassan al Banna says ;Your acceptance of Islam obliges you to seek continuous improvement in your condition. As you strive to please your Lord and earn the eternal reward and pleasure of Paradise, keep the following advice close to your heart.
1-Devote a daily period for the recitation of the Qur’an. Aim to finish the whole of it within a month, but not before the end of three days.

2-Carefully recite the Qur’an, listen to it, and ponder over its meaning. Set aside a period to study of Sirah or life history of the prophet, and the history of the early Muslims. You should read many books. You should also read many books of hadith and memorize at least fort hadith. Last but not least, you should study the basics of the’Aqidah or Islamic faith, fiqh or Islamic jurisprudence and Islamic law.

3-Have a thorough medical check-up regularly, and get treated for any ailments diagnosed. Attach importance to physical fitness and self defence, and stand aloof from all bodily weaknesses.

4-Avoid excessive use of coffee, tea and other stimulating drinks, and strive to abstain completely from smoking.

5-Show interest in the cleanliness and tidiness of your home and place of work. Be concerned with personal hygiene, for Islam was founded on cleanliness.

6-Always be truthful and never tell lie.

7-Fulfill your promises and agreements. Do not resort to making lame excuses.

8-Be courageous and enduring. The highest degrees of courage are telling the truth in your own disfavour, keeping secrets, admitting mistakes and maintaining self control when angry.

9-Be serious and dignified. However, this should not stop you from enjoying jokes and laughing.

10-Be modest, careful and sensitive to both good and bad things by expressing your happiness when experiencing good and gratitude when encountering bad. If you demand less than what you deserve, you will receive what you deserve.

11-Be fair in judging according to sound evidence. Your anger should not make you ignore the good in others and your blessings should not make you forget the bad in others. Always speak the truth; no matter how painful it is, even if it is against yourself and against the people dearest to you.

12-Be active, energetic, and skilled in community services. You should feel happy when you offer a service to another person. You should feel compelled to visit the sick, assit the needy, support the weak, and give relief to the ill fated, even if it is only a kind word of sympathy. Always rush to do good deeds.

13- Be compassionate, graciously excusing and forgiving towards others. You should be kind to all human beings and animals, and have good relations with everyone. Observe Islamic social injunctions. Be merciful to the young and respectful to the old. Make room for others in meetings and gatherings. Do not spy and backbite. Do not be noisy. Respect others’ privacy, and neither condemn nor insult them.

14-Improve your reading and writing skills; increase your knowledge of the Islamic movement by reading about it. Read newspapers and magazines. Establish a personal library even if it is a small one. Delve deeply into your field if you are a specialist in science or the arts. Acquaint yourself with the general Islamic subjects to the degree which makes you capable of forming general judgements concerning day-to-day problems.

15-Underatke some economic enterprise, even if you are wealthy. Try to establish a private business, regardless of how small it may be or how busy or academically oriented you are.

16-Work, even though the pay is small, and do not quit unless the work is against Islam.

17-Perform your job in the best manner you can, and stand aloof from dishonesty and cheating. Observe your appointments, and never be late for work.

18-Be amicable in claiming your due, and hasten to give others their due in full, without procrastination.

19-Keep away from all forms of gambling, no matter what the incentive may be. Avoid unlawful means of livelihood, regardless of what quick profit lies therein.

20-Avoid the practice of charging interest(riba’) in all your transactions. Purify yourself from its putrid touch.

21-Contribute to the material gains encouraged by Islam by promoting private industry, especially Islamic enterprises.

22-Support da’wah work by contributing some of your wealth to the Islamic movement. You must pay the minimally established amount of Zakah on your assets because this is the inalienable right of the poor and deprived.

23-Set aside a portion of your income to defray unforeseen expenses, no matter how small your income is, and never indulge in extravagance.

24-Perfect your personal purity and cleanliness, and try to keep in a state of ablution(wudhu’)as often as possible.

25-When you perform the daily prayers, do so on time, and always fulfil the rules. Try to pray in congregation and at the Masajid as frequently as possible.

26-Obsereve the fast of Ramadhan and go on the Hajj as soon as you have the means. If you cannot afford to make Hajj, make it one of the goals of your life and strive hard to undertake it.

27-Regularly renew your repentance, seeking Allah’s forgiveness. Try to avoid pardonable offences as well as major sins. Devote a period of time every night before going to bed for self-criticism, reflecting upon the good or bad things you may have done throughout the day.

28-Avoid lustful thoughts,emotions, and occasions of sin, for example, by restraining your gaze from Haram things , urging your emotions to focus on good deeds, and keeping your heart and desires away from all that is forbidden.

29-Completely avoid intoxicating drinks and everything that causes impairment of the body or delays of the mind.

30-Do not take immoral people as friends. Keep away from places of immorality and sin.

31-Avoid all evil forms and places of entertainment, and in general, avoid the environment of arrogant and extravagant luxury.

32-Share the message of Islam everywhere you go.

Allahu'Alam(Allah Knows best) 


Anonymous said...

thanks.. very beautiful guidelines; very hope can do all that.. in sha' Alah

TheHumbleWayfarer said...

It's my pleasure Anon =)

a.j. said...

21.Perfect your personal purity and cleanliness, and try to keep in a state of ablution(wudhu’)as often as possible.

... wow i should try this!

good advice from hassan al banna! we all miss him dont we

Al-Hamra said...

And be thankful of what we have ('',)

TheHumbleWayfarer said...

Ayub, yes. you should definitely try that one. for the sake of sharing, I always have my wudhu' after I took my shower. if I don't, i feel like sth is 'missing' =)

Oh Yes! We all miss him !! ^_^

TheHumbleWayfarer said...

Ya Uhkt, Give thanks to Allah =)

Hajar said...


Brilliant pearls of wisdom.

Point 12 - Do you know any Islamic-oriented community services in KL? Been trying to find one, but haven't had much luck.

Point 14 - Been building my Islamic library for the last 2 years, albeit I can't say I have read every single book. :)

TheHumbleWayfarer said...


Sis Hajar.thanks =)
Islamic oriented community services? Hmm..actually I myself am not so sure about this. I heard that Muslim Aid is quite interesting to be involved in because they deal with refugees, orphans and many more. My friend did his practical training there and sometimes he told me about his work there. Really-really interesting.Others, I am not so sorry ya ukht. if you find any, please let me know ya =)

For me,I don't have a proper library yet, but I already have my personal collections. I have this bad habit of buying books whnever I go to any bookstore or any bookfair but taking times to read all of them T_T .maybe 1 day I can visit ur library ^_^

Hajar said...


I participated in Muslim Aid's Qurban 4 Life programme, and yes the stuff they do are pretty amazing. So far that's the only one I know of. :(

By all means, you're most welcome. Look forward to 'exchanging' resources with you. Insha'Allah. :)

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