Life Line 4 Gaza: End of the Siege

It’s been a while since I last wrote something on my blog. Having finished the interfaith Dialogue about two weeks ago, squeezing my mind with so many assignments and exams and not to forget the saddening news of the sickness of my Grandma. Subhanallah, so many things are happening lately. That’s life anyway. Back to what I wanted to write here. Last night, I attended a program about the issue in Gaza Palestine called “Life Line 4 Gaza:End of the Siege” whereby one representative from the convoy of Viva Palestina came and shared his stories and his journey to Gaza. It was truly mesmerizing to listen to his stories with regard to how the convoy faced so many hardship and difficulties throughout the journey to reach Gaza which was aimed to break the siege. The convoy (which was the 3rd one) was participated by so many representatives from many organizations-some from Malaysia, UK, Turkey and others (total around 17 if I am not mistken). In fact, what inspired me a lot is the fact that it was also participated by the non Muslims and not only Muslims. For me, it truly shows how the issue of Palestine is not only the issue of Muslims, rather it is an issue of HUMANITY-of how you look at each other as human being and not somebody belongs to any particular group of people.

I was stunned to know how they were even stopped by the Egyptian police forces (around 2000 people) only because they felt that the convoy was a threat for them Ya Allah, a threat??.I bet you know the answer why they were stopped !.

These people came miles away and left their family behind only to give a helping hand to the Palestinians (mostly refugees) and now you call them a threat?. This is totally ridiculous!!. I really don’t know what to say, but to know this thing is truly a shameful thing and I was really-really pissed of. Worst, the police forces had even intimidated them by throwing stones to them ( as big as your fist!) resulting some people to get severely injured and some even had to be treated with so many stitches and so on. The forces had assaulted them greatly than you could have ever imagined. I really hope that Allah would give them Hidayah so that they can truly open their eyes !!.

Alhamdulillah, finally they managed to reached Gaza with so may aid they had brought along particularly medicine. The representative told us how it is really-really difficult for the Palestinians to survive after the ongoing attack and threat form the Israeli forces. They had no materials to develop the places that have been attacked. Even their children are sufferings due to the effect of the weapons that have been used by the Israeli forces. InsyaAllah, the 4th Convoy would be going soon either in April or May. In fact, they plan it to make it much bigger, with more aid and even more people can join them to go directly to Gaza. You can also join them if you are interested, but NO INSURANCE IS PROVIDED. That’s what the representative told us that night =) . Anyway, you are highly encouraged to donate to:

Account Name: Tabung Palestin HALUAN
BIMB: 14-023-01-003429-2
Maybank: 5644 9020 8528
Any Enquiry you may call-Mr.Sabri Ibrahim (019-2395799)

Allahu’Alam(Allah Knows Best).


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may Allah ease the hardships and may THW's grandma be in good condition always and happy with everyone!

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Syukran Ayub =)
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Nice brief and this fill someone in on helped me alot in my college assignement. Gratefulness you seeking your information.