To Please or not To Please ?

In a small town, there lived a man with his son. One day they set out for the market while letting their donkey walking along behind them. While passing several men at the coffee shop, they heard some of their remarks. “Look at that man, How can he be so mean as to make his child walk all the way to the market when he has a donkey the child could easily ride?” The man picked up his son & put him on the donkey’s back. As they continued, they passed several women who were also on their way to the market. “For shame”, said one woman to another. “Look at that child, riding the donkey while he makes his father walk. Doesn’t he have any respect for his elders?” Immediately the man took away his son off the donkey and got on himself. Yet, when they travelled slightly farther, someone else criticized the father for being so selfish-riding the donkey while making his son walk. The man then picked up his son and placed him on the saddle directly in front of him. Alas, this maneuver also brought fourth criticism. “How mean they are to overload the donkey like that!”Cried an old man to his friend.

The man then in despair. He and his son dismounted. After a great of effort , the man managed to heave the donkey upon his won back. Only a little way down the road, everyone was laughing at the stupid man carrying his donkey instead of riding it.

Shamefaced, the man put down the donkey, and then continued to the market exactly as they had started –with all three walking. Some minutes later, the man looked at his son : “ So you see,” he said with a wise nod, “It is clearly not possible to please all people. It is better to do what you know is right and please God.”

p/s : I think this story is such a beautiful story that I am sure all of us can relate it to our lives. Islam is easy, it is the people who make it difficult =)


a.j. said...

people and their perception... the only thing that matter is how Allah view us ... the perception and opinion in sight of Allah is mutla' compare to other being which is compromised by imperfection...

may Allah be pleased with us ya akhi!

Anonymous said...

tq for this story!