Mosques in Malaysia are Not Friendly Enough To The Non Muslims. Agree?

Assalamu’alaikum, May Peace & Blessings of Be Upon You..

I feel that I am obliged to write something about this though it is not a new issue actually. I would call this a bitter truth. A bitter truth that Most of the Muslims in Malaysia would rarely pay heed to. For Malaysians out there, I am quite sure you know about the recent incident whereby one of the organizations claimed to be Islamic yet make such an unIslamic statement saying that non Muslims are not allowed to enter to a masjid (mosque). Before that, I hope that Allah would forgive me if I’m a bit stern here. As I always put it, I am neither a scholar nor an expert. I’m just a simple Muslim who tries to look at things in a thorough manner.

The main question is, why does it happening in this country ??. We cannot find such incident happening in America, Britain, Australia and others but yet in Malaysia, it is there. Any Idea ?? For your info, I’ve been to churches before. It doesn’t make me less Muslim !! In fact, I appreciate my religion more than before. The people there gave me and my friends such a warmth welcome and on top of that a friendly treatment!! On the other hand, I’ve heard many accounts saying that,how non Muslims are being chased away from entering Masjid. Put aside their intention of entering masjid, but don’t you think it is VERY UNISLAMIC to chase away people just because that they are curious about Islam and Muslims. Anyway, you might want to look at this letter, written to the editor of one of the local newspapers here in Malaysia. As I see it, this letter was written by an innocent non Muslim who tries to understand Islam, yet restricted by the so called educated people.
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Subhanallah. Don’t you feel anything my dear friends. He says “ I hope someday,I could go in to know what how the Muslims pray and what is inside a mosque. Maybe I will also learn a little about this great religion". Hang on.. he says ‘GREAT RELIGION’. However, does it really reflect here in this country. To Mr. Bulbir Singh, on behalf of the Malaysian Muslims who had restricted you from entering the masjid despite your noble effort to understand Islam, please forgive them. May Allah give them guidance for such egoistic act that they acted upon you. For you Mr. Bulbir Singh, may Allah give you patience and give you Hidayah by opening up your heart to try to understand Islam as what it is rather than what it isn’t. InsyaAllah.

>>>Ruling on non Muslims entering Mosque>>islamqa
>>>So far,Masjid Negara(National Mosque) & Masjid Kapitan Keling
in Penang had done such a great job by allowing non Muslims
to enter the mosques.
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AllahuA'lam(Allah Knows Best)..


a.j. said...

how sad THW ... i remember u did a post on it before this ... i still dun agree with some of the things handled in this country

It is our responsibility to voice out that this is not islamic! and who are we to prevent and chase people away from the house of Allah SWT when we dun haf the rights to!

a'u thubillhimin thalik! ... the santity of islam rest on us to clarify to general public .. when the authority fails to do so...

let us strive in the path of jihad ... so that insyaAllah when we stand in front of Allah SWT, even if we did not change the whole world.. we are apart of the bits and pieces of bringing and harmonizing islam in the face of the earth ...


ur akhi fil islam,

Al-Hamra said...


I agree with your statement. Not just the non muslims, even kids.

Macam mana nk depa mesra majid dan kurungkan kadar masalah sosial etc (alamak...ter'bm' pula. maaf2).

Bila ada masalah baru mahu ke masjid (as potrayed in the tv), nk nikah, panggil tok imam uruskan jenazah...

Hajar said...


Some of my non-Muslim friends highlighted this when they accompanied me to the mosque. I practically lambasted the whole garb. and insisted there is no problem for them to enter the mosque and wait for me there. Until now, i still can't understand what's the big fuss is all about.

TheHumbleWayfarer said...


Even my myself, i don't get it why some people are just carried away by emotion when it comes to this issue. for me, Islam is easy, it is the people who make it difficult. Btw sis Hajar, its ok. we can do our part. Honestly, if any non muslim wants to enter a mosque, I would be willing to help them at any time. insyaAllah.and I mean that in the nicest possible way !