Forgive To Be Forgiven

It’s a bit funny to know how selfish human being can be. Yes, I say ‘funny’ because of the fact that we want something from others, yet we ourselves find it really hard to give others what we are expecting the other parties would give us. A bit confusing isn’t it! Ok. Let’s make in a simpler version =)

Let say that Mr. A is expecting that Mr. B would forgive him for any wrong doing that he has committed before. At the same time, Mr. A knows that even he himself feels very difficult to forgive Mr. C or Mr. D for the past mistakes or wrongdoings that they had done to him long time ago. Now, the question arises. Do you think it is fair for Mr. A to put high hope on Mr. B to forgive him while knowing that he himself shows reluctance or hesitance to forgive Mr. C or Mr. D.? Yes, you might argue that; well, maybe their mistakes are not of the same scale, but does it really make any difference? What do you say then? Is it right if such thing happens?. Hopefully you can understand my point.

For this post, I think I want to say something pertaining to Forgiveness. A simple word yet very vital and essential if relationships are to be kept long lasting Insha’Allah.
That is why; I put those analogies to show how we human beings put the role of forgiveness in our life. It is really unfair as I see it. That is the case if it concerns with the human beings, but then how would you see it if it concerns with those who are more ‘superior’ than you.? I mean what if the third party that you are referring to is your God, the Almighty One? How would you put yourself in such situation then? Ok. Let’s go straight to the point.
How could you expect God to forgive you if you yourself find it difficult to forgive others??. Is it really fair if such thing happens??Subhanallah. if you were to ask me, I won’t put any reservation to say that even me myself had acted the same thing so many times in my life!. Nevertheless,Still, I am hoping that God would forgive me for each and every single mistake that I had done to all people around me because I know that He is Most Forgiving( al Ghafur). At the same I also have to bear in mind that I have to try to forgive others for whatever mistakes that they had done to me no matter how dreadful they are!. Yes, definitely it takes time and you also have to be brave enough to forgive and forget, but at the end of the day you know that such action would benefit both parties.

p/s: Asking forgiveness does not mean that you are on the losing side. In contrast, you are on the winning side. Do you think it’s an easy thing to forgive? No! Extremely difficult thing you know!.That’s why you are considered as a winner. InsyaAllah, we try to forgive and forget so that forbearance would be part and parcel of our life..Amin.
Allahu A’lam (Allah knows best).