Message For The Sick

Sickness and illness-Two terms which invite unfavourable and terrifying feelings especially for those who have suffered any of its kind, be it the most severe one or even a minor one. Not only that, they bring into existence uneasiness, depression, deep sadness, sorrow, disappointment and on top of that- a miserable life!!.In fact, sometimes life is seen to be cruel if we look from the perspective of a sick person. Indeed, that is what had been dominating our mind both the healthy one and the sick one definitely.

Recently, I just read a book which is more or less had changed my perception towards sickness and illness. The book is called “Message for the Sick”. If you were to ask me, I would say this little book contains so many things to ponder upon and not only that; it would definitely touch your heart!. In fact, despite that the messages are presented in a simple and precise manner there are indeed striking if you are really looking for a different view of how sickness can be a ‘great’ deal for you!.Really, I am not joking!.

Among the points that worth to be shared here would be:

>>If you are sick, be patient. Your illness may transform each of the minutes of your life into the equivalent of an hour’s worship. The fact that the sick people realize their impotence made them beseech their All Compassionate Creator. Subhanallah. It is so true. We tend to look at ourselves as being ‘independent’ in our lives 24/7, yet when calamities strike only then we realize how weak we are!.

>>Had there been no illness, good health and well being would have caused heedlessness, for they show the world to be pleasant and make the Hereafter forgotten. Agree?

>>Your illness does not spoil the pleasure of Divine bounties, rather it causes them to be experienced and increases them. It is really interesting when the author put the question with regard to this: “If there had not been illness in your head or in your hand or stomach, would you have perceived the pleasurable and enjoyable Divine bounty of the good health of your head, hand or stomach, and offered thanks? ”. I assume all of us here know the answer.

>>It is illness that opens the door of the most sincere of good works. In fact, illness is a most important means for supplications or Dua’ being accepted.

>>You are rather charged with looking at the sick who from the point of view of health are at a lower degree than yourself, and offering thanks. If your hand is broken, look at theirs, which is severed. If you have only one eye, look at the blind, who lack both eyes. And offer thanks to God!!
These are among the points that I would like to share with all of you my dear brothers and sisters. Truly, it had enlightened my perception of how I look at sickness. Offer thanks instead of complaining. That is biggest point that I would keep to my mind InsyaAllah.
AllahuA’lam (Allah knows Best).

And (remember) Job, when He cried to His Lord, "Truly distress has seized me, but Thou art the Most Merciful of those that are Merciful."

"Who gives me food and drink,
"And when I am ill, it is He who cures Me;

-As Shuu’araa’:79-80-