Start your day with..emm...Nescafe???

Don’t you think that the very beginning of the day plays a pivotal role in your life? Have you ever thought about this? I don’t know... Maybe I’m a bit exaggerating here. Nevertheless, deep inside me, I have this feeling that the very beginning of your day can be the most important and significant part that determines the very great or terrible your whole day would be.Yes, it might not be true and you might not agree with me, but it is worth to give it a think!. For instance, imagine you yourself waking up in the morning and the first thing that comes to your mind the moment you open your eyes is to fill your stomach. Emm…Don’t you think that it’s a bit improper and inappropriate or I would rather say bad?..Yes, of course it’s normal, but have you ever thought that you might have missed something over here?..Emm...Any idea??

First, we forget to give thanks to Allah, our Creator and our Sustainer for giving us yet another day to continue breathing in this very world and Secondly we think about the food first than thinking about the One Who actually nourish and sustain us with food. Now, maybe it is worth to ask ourselves..Which one is more proper, To think and to thank the One Who give us the meals/the food or to think and thank the food themselves for giving us a big Burp?.. In fact, if we really ponder this, don’t you think that each morning we are no different than the animals??. Maybe I’m a bit harsh in saying this, but I have seen so many people acting like this before me and , I feel very-very sad thinking this happening to them while they themselves are not even bothered about this. Yes, you just look at the animals early in the morning going outside from their nests looking for food. In fact, they do that particular job for the whole day and come back once the sunset. Agree?.They don’t have to worry about anything like the deadline for assignments, job, spiritual upliftment or whatsoever as compared to man because the very fact that they are different from human being.
I’m just thinking that, isn’t supposed to be that we are different than the animals?.I mean, we are given ‘Aql (reason) to think whereas the animals just only have brain while not possessing ‘aql. Nevertheless, they still remember their sole Creator while not having forgetting to remember Him in their chirping, mooing, humming, crowing and whatever Allah had bestowed on them. Don’t you think that it is like they are showing their remembrance to Allah by doing that?. Emm..What about the Human being?. Sad to say, they don’t even remember their Creator and their Master who had showering them with so many material welfare and comfort, yet they do not even give thanks and being grateful to Him. Worse, they don’t even know their very purpose of life..MasyaAllah
It is such a coincidence when I stumbled upon this hadith narrated by Al- Tirmidhi in one book that I just read and interestingly it is so much related with what I am trying to convey. Our beloved Prophet Peace be upon him said:

“Whoever wakes up and this world is his main concern, Allah will make him scattered and shattered, and he will feel a sense of panic and loss, and he will get nothing of this world except that which was already decreed him. But whoever gets up and is mostly concerned about the Hereafter, Allah will cause him to feel focused and content, and will give him a feeling of being independent, and worldly gains will come to him willingly or unwillingly.”

Subhanallah,such a beautiful hadith isn’t it?. In fact, sometimes I just feel that I am among those former “Whoever”…really!..Ya Allah, please forgive me if I am among those former “Whoever”...What about you my dear brothers and sisters? Are you among those former “Whoever” or the latter one??InsyaAllah, we pray that Allah would guide us so that we may be among those of the latter one.

Now, I want to give some analogies which I would rather consider a bad one I guess .For instance, the moment a restaurateur starts the business in the morning, the first thing that he would keep tight to his mind is to please his customers as they are actually the “masters” that determine the very success or failure for the business of the day. Same like every morning when an employee goes to the office in which he is working at, definitely the first thing that he would keep in mind is to please his boss and not to invite his anger. It is because the boss is his “master”. As such, he would come to the office on time, make sure that every work or assignment is settled and so on. Basically all of these can give a vital influence of his very day. I mean, the boss is the ‘master’ and definitely the employee has to please Him. What about the “Master” of all “masters”. Don’t you think that, He deserves the same thing?.Then why we often abandon our “Master”? He is not just a Master, but also our Sustainer, Forgiver, Listener and whatever role that you need from Him..MasyaAllah..isn’t it great!!..No matter, how mush we have wronged Him, still He would listen to us if we really turn to Him. In fact, He is our Lord whom we call Allah the One and The Only. That’s why once you open your eyes after a deep slumber, you should be thinking about the One who would give you the meals or the food (the Master) than to think about the food themselves..Agree??.It’s up to you how you want to answer it..For me, that’s how I feel...
AllahuA’lam(Allah knows Best).


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