1 Litre Of Tears

A simple sentence yet it made me ponder and wonder as I see it from a different angle. What is so important about tears by the way???
Actually, this is a title for one of the Japanese series that my friend ‘forced’ me to watch =). Yup, ‘forced’. Anyway, for your info, I have many friends who are so crazy about Japanese series. ‘Thanks’ to them!!I’ve finished the series because they have influenced me a lot..Really, I couldn’t believe it! (It is totally not me to spend countless hours just to finish 1 series after another just like my friends do because I assume there are more beneficial things to do than watching Japanese series or whatever series you have!!)...In fact, I have this Turkish friend of mine who is so crazy about Japanese to the extent that he keeps looking for Japanese speaking person wherever he goes!.I don’t mind though because he seems to enjoy it =)..Yet, don’t misunderstand me. I do like Japanese people but not so crazy like my friends =)...Anyway, finish for that part…
A bit about the series, it’s all about a family relationship that stand firm & strong despite the fact that one of the family members is suffering from an incurable disease. Really, the disease is extremely complex and frightening.. In fact, it is based on a true story. I guess, that’s the reason why I watched it...Don’t ask me further about the series. I won’t tell you anything about it, but honestly, the series are extremely sad. .As my friend told me, if you don’t cry after watching it, there is a high possibility that there is something wrong with you! me??ohh noo..Please don’t ask! =) The thing that really caught my attention is the title itself...Yes, the title.. I want to relate the series with me, myself and you, yourself probably. Throughout the series, there are thousands of crying scenes. Yes, if not, they won’t make the title as one litre of tears right? However, it suddenly made me realize over something that I haven’t done enough. Something that is always missing yet I never try to treasure it. I asked myself, how much I have cried for Allah and how much I have cried for His creations? I mean, how much I have been crying because of fear of Allah and how much I have been crying for the sake of man,woman, or even for an animal?.
Astaghfirullah..O Allah,how sinful I am for not being a grateful servant to You..Yes, as Muslim and as human being, definitely we do cry a lot in times of sadness and grief. It is definitely a normal thing. However, sometimes maybe we have to think and deliberate again. Is it really worth to cry for trivial matters than to cry for our Lord? Is it really worth it? Worse, what if we don’t cry at all or never cry whenever we face our Creator? Don’t you think that it is a sign of something? Don’t you think that it indicates something? I still remember a friend used to send me a text message that struck deep inside me the moment I read it. It says that

“Whenever eyes are dry from tears because of fear of Allah, it is indeed the dryness indicates that the heart has turned to be hard and solid. Whereas, the heart which is very far from Allah is the one which is hard in its nature”.
I stumbled upon reading the message. I felt like everything had been motionless for a while... Ya Allah, what have I done all these while??Please forgive me Ya Allah…Truly, I haven’t done enough to seek your pleasure Ya Allah..Please do not make my eyes dry from tears of your remembrance my Lord..Now, I keep asking myself, has my tears reached to that level of one litre of tears?If it is more and ‘flowing like a river’ ,Alhamdulliah, but what if it doesn’t even reach to that level??What if it doesn’t come out at all my dear brothers and sisters.??Na’uzubillah….Ya Allah, please forgive me Ya Allah.



aj said...

indeed i feel guilty... salam!

aj said...

i watched it last year .. =( and do you kow they have her diary sold out .. and it was a top seller!

TheHumbleWayfarer said...

aj, thanks for your comment..wow, really it was a top seller??masyaAllah, I think she has inspired so many people =p

bazLa' said...

Thanks. I wish to watch the series. Lately, I cried a lot because of this world. Astagfirullaah