A Memorable Jum’ah With The Grand Mufti Of Bosnia & Herzegovina

I never thought that today’s Jum’ah( Friday prayer) would be a little bit different than usual. In fact, I was so surprised the moment the mosque authority announced that we would be having Sheikh Mustafa Ceric as our khatib for the prayer though I was aware of his presence in this country through one of the blogs that I had surfed earlier. It is definitely a very unique experience to have this Mufti which is coming all away from the Balkan region. He made an opening gambit by reciting verses of the Qur’an as to relate to the sermon and then touched on the issue of the state of the Muslim Ummah. With crisp English, he then pointed out that Muslims in our contemporary days are not really practising the fundamentals, of which Islam is based upon. In a simple manner, he was trying to convey that Muslims do have the fundamentals which are all inherent In Islam, yet what we are lacking is the application i.e. the questions of whether do we practice what we preach?. There are 4 fundamentals of Islam as pointed out by Sheikh Mustapha i.e. :
1)Fundamental of Knowledge
-As exemplifies in Surah Al-‘Alaq
“1. Proclaim! (or read!) In the name of Thy Lord and Cherisher, who created-
2. Created man, out of a (mere) clot of congealed Blood”
- This revelation made it clear that Allah asked men to seek
knowledge as the main priority over the other.
2) Fundamental of Morality
-absence of morality made it possible to the prevalent of business without ethics, politics without principle, society without family and many others.
3) Fundamental of Brotherhood
- Muslims love each other but they do not respect each other
4) Fundamental of Inclusiveness
- Inclusive in a sense that it is of past, present and future

It might sound simple for all of us here. Nonetheless, how much do you think the fundamentals are reflected in our life as a Muslim? Only Allah knows. He sum up with reiterating his hope that Muslims would be aware of their responsibility of practicing all the fundamentals of Islam in which if it is not, it would lead the decline of Muslims as what had been happening in the past. Now, the question remains. Do we practice what we preach?.


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nice masyaAllah